Banking and Financial Awareness for NABARD/SBI/IBPS

1. Deposits which can be withdrawn by a customer without notice are called?
Time Deposits
Variable Deposits
Demand Deposits
Low Cost Deposits

2. Expand BIS?
Bank for international Settlements
Bank for Industrial settlements
Bank for Industrial Sectors
Bank for International Services

3. For a foreigner temporarily residing in India, type of account to be opened is?
Resident Account
NRO Account
Both (a) and (b)
None of the above

4. For which of the following categories of banks is “Protected Disclosure Scheme” is applicable?
Co-operative Banks
Private Banks and Foreign Banks
Public Sector Banks
None of the above

5. The punchline “Feel the Difference” is associated with?
DCB Bank
Deutsche Bank
YES Bank
Citi bank

6. VDMS in Government transactions means?
Verified Data-wise Monthly Statement
Valuable Data Management System
Variable Data Matching System
None of the above

7. The guarantor of a customer’s account has the right?
to inspect the account in the bank’s books
to be provided with the statement of the account
to be informed only about the extent of his liability
to be provided with all the information about the way the account is conducted

8. Internet marketing involves?
Online marketing
Both A and B
one of these

9. The term packing credit means?
Advances against goods in packages
Advance for import of goods
Advance for export of goods
Advance for financing the purchase, processing, manufacturing or packing of goods for export against a letter of credit or a confirmed order

10. The term “book debts” means?
All debts due to the banks by a business undertaking
All debts due by a business undertaking to persons/undertaking other than banks
Debts owing to a business undertaking arising primarily out of the sale of merchandise to the customers on credit
Moneys due on the purchase of various types of book


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