Banking Quiz for Bank exams and SBI Clerk

1. State Bank of India has………circles?
A. 9 
B. 12 
C. 14
D. 16

2. A saving Bank Deposit Account is one where? 
A. Amounts are deposited and are withdrawan as per requirement of the customers
B. The deposits are made only once in a year 
C. Periodical Fixed amount are deposited month wise and withdrawals are allowed after a fixed period 
D. All of the above

3. Personal Banking includes? 
A. Deposits 
B. Insurance 
C. Investment 
D. Above all

4. Micro Finance is related to? 
A. Poor class
B. Rich class 
C. Industry 
D. None of these

5. BPO stands for? 
A. Budget Product Online 
B. Balance of Payment 
C. Business Process Outsourcing
D. None of these  

6. Which of the following is the body/agency set up by Government of India to increase the flow of foreign investment in the country? 

7. National Income of India is estimated by?
A. Central Estimates Survey Committee 
B. National Sample Survey Committee 
C. Central Statistical Organization
D. Finance Ministry 

8. Net Interest Income means? 
A. Interest generated from bank's assets less interest paid on liabilities
B. Interest earned on advances 
C. Miscellaneous Income 
D. None of these

9. PannirSelvam Committee Report relates to?
A. Customer service 
B. Exposure Norms 
C. Frauds 

10. Perpetual Non-Cumulative Preference Shares are part of? 
A. Tier-I Capital 
B. Tier-II Capital 
C. Both A and B 
D. None of these

Answers will be provided soon....

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