Computer Quiz For Bank Exam ,SBI Clerk and NABARD Exam

1.Which type of software manages the computers processes, functioning as an interface, connecting the user, the application software user, the application software and the hardware?
a) System software 
b) Utility program 
c) Translator program 
d) Operating system
e) None of these

2. All of the following terms are associated with spread sheet software except?
a) Worksheet 
b) cell 
c) formula 
d) Virus detection 
e) All of the above

3. _______ is the process of finding errors in software code?
a) Compiling 
b) Testing 
c) Running 
d) Debugging 
e) None of these

4. A single application that combines the major features of several types of application is called?
a) Integrated software 
b) A suite 
c) A combo package 
d) High- end
e) None of these

5. Application software?
a) Is used to control the operating system 
b) Is designed to help programmers 
c) Performs specific task for computer users 
d) Is used for making design only 
e) All of the above

6. A set of instruction telling the computer what to do is called?
a) Mentor 
b) instructor
c) compiler 
d) program 
e) debugger

7. What type of program controls the various computer parts and allows the user to interact with the computer?
a) Utility software 
b) Operating system 
c) Word processing software 
d) Database programs
e) None of these

8. Apple Macintoshes (Macs) and PCs use different _________ to process data and different operating system.
a) Language 
b) Methods 
c) CPUs 
d) storage devices 
e) None of these

9. File extensions are used order to.
a) Name the file 
b) Ensure the filename is not lost 
c) Identify the file 
d) Identify the file type
e) None of these

10. In DOS, which of the following command is used to delete all the files as well as sub-directories of a directory?
a) Delete 
b) Del 
c) Deltree 
d) Move 
e) None of these

Answers will be provided soon....

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