Descriptive Topics for SBI/ / UIIC.

Dear Ba'ians,

Staying true to our promise in helping you prepare for your Descriptive section, we have already started a lot of initiatives on BA right from articles based on how to prepare ans write, to having a detailed discussion on one topic on a daily basis. We now bring to you a list of probable topics that might come for the exam. The best way to prepare for descriptive is to read a lit on a particular topic and to write it down( either by copying a few important points from where ever you are reading or remembering the points and writing it down in your own words) Totally depends on how comfortable you are. We would suggest you to do both. We would be up with more tips every now and then.

Probable Topics For Essay:

a) Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna (PMJDY)

b) Women Empowerment

c) Global Warming

d) Dowry System

e) Privatization of Public Sector

f) Non-Performing Assets (NPA)

g) Women Safety

h) Clean India Campaign

i) Monetary Policy

j) FDI

k) Non- Banking Finance Companies (NBFC)

l) Small Banks and Payment Banks

m) India:  An Emerging Market

n) Role of technology in banking

o) Population Explosion

p) Banking in India

q) Agriculture: The Backbone of Indian economy

r) India’s relations with her neighbours

s) Terrorism

t) Role of the media

u) Knowledge is power

2. Letter Writing

2.1 Formal Letter Writing Topics

a) Letter of complain to Editorial Chief regarding publication of inappropriate news

b) Complaint letter  to Municipal Commissioner regarding open manhole and road


c) Write an RTI to Bank of India asking for number of vacancies in the financial

year 2016-17

2.2 Informal Letter Writing Topics

a) Write a letter to your sister explaining how to prepare for Banking Probationary

b) Write a letter to your parents informing them about your Post Graduation result

c) Write a letter congratulating your friend for marriage.

4. Application Writing

a) Education Loan for Studying abroad

b)  Complaint Letter: Being a customer, you have to write a complaint letter to the

c)  Letter for availing overdraft facility.

d) Write a letter to the Bank Manager seeking time for payment of EMI.

e) Leave Application

f) Write a letter to the Administrative Officer of LIC, explaining him the reason for

g) Officer examination

h) Bank Manager about the irresponsibility of the employees.

h) delay in payment of premium.

3. Some more General topics

a) Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

b) Marketing and Sales

c) Globalisation


e) Presidential election in USA

f) Bank Board Bureau (BBB)

g) Natural Disaster

h) Is a ban on ragging Justified?

i) Are films a positive or negative?

j) Should Public sector undertakings be privatized?

k) Ban of liquor and beef negative or positive for Indian Economy?

l) Should reservation system end on the basis of caste?

m) Indian culture good for country’s future

4. Current Affairs:-

a) DBT



d) BBB

e) China’s economy

f) Recession in Brazil

g) Merger of PSBs

h) Census 2011

i) RRBs amendment bill, 2014

j) FDI in Banking sector ( both public and private)

k) NITI Aayog

l) Draught hit areas

m) Telangana (Mother India to have her 29th child

n) European Union ( India’s number one trade and investment partner)

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