English Quiz For SBI Exam 2016


Directions(Q 1-15): In these questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). Five alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the five alternatives.

1. Nothing is so __________ to a nation as an extreme of self-partiality, and the total want of ___________ of what others will naturally hope or fear.
repugnant, sense
delusionary, methodly
fatal, consideration
unethical, discretion
detrimental, concern

2. It was through the Second World War that Russia __________ herself increased ___________ in power and wealth and prestige.
saw, abundantly
noticed, gullibly
witnessed, prodigiously
declared, demand
confessed, influenced

3. The industrial workers ___________ a fair ___________ for their work.
request, price
sought, salary
demanded, wage
asked, pay
cried, remuneration

4. ___________ diseases spread like wild ___________.
contagious, flames
contagious, fire
fatal, wind
minor, breeze
serious, air

5. We decided to take the shortest ___________ to our ___________.
route, destination
root, house
route, residence
distance, place
way, goal

6. It is our ___________ to __________ the elders.
object, defy
duty, respect
aim, degrade
hope, disappoint
wish, love

7. He __________ his fault and was ___________.
agreed, excused
refused, freed
denied, sentenced
confessed, pardoned
acclaimed , killed

8. I __________ him because of his ___________.
love, impertinence
hate, rudeness
admire, hypocrisy
detest, generosity
respect, stupidity

9. The security forces fired at the ___________ who was armed to the ____________.
dacoit, teeth
criminal, toe
thief, head
culprit, nails
bourgeois, nose

10. During the __________ many buildings were __________ to the ground.
riots , collapsed
disturbances, brought
fire, razed
floods, razed
storm, raised

11. Weather ____________, I shall __________ the office.
allowing, reach
permitting, attend
granting, manage
favourable, manage
freeing, escape

12. But for his ___________ I would not have ____________.
advice, lost
suggestion, won
assistance, failed
help, succeeded
care, livedr

13. Unwillingness among the Society to ------------change has also been one of the reasons the plastic bags -----------to be used.
Waive, raise
Retrieve, last
Accept, continue
Secure, pursue
Receive, advance

14. Delhi is reeling under scorching heat coupled with acute ----------of water and power cuts that has -----------normal life out of gear.
Normalcy, launched
Rarity, chased
Scarcity, thrown
Plenty, created
Vivacity, shunned

15. Ever since elephants were -------------from circus, performers have been ------------their lives in stunts.
Banned, dodging
Banned, plunging
Banned, dying
Banned, risking
Banned, meeting


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