Happy Mother's Day..!!

From the first moment a mother holds her child in her arms for the first time till the day she stops breathing, a mother loves her child unconditionally. She revels in your achievements and cries with you in your miseries but she never expects anything back.

A short concise history of how Mother's day was conceived.

One cannot deny that it is a wonderful day to honour and pay gratitude to one's mother. After all, this special woman has been instrumental in making you the woman or man you grow up to be. And while we may neglect their importance in our lives, this day promises to provide your mom with all the love that she has given you. Perhaps this is the reason Mother's day is celebrated all over the world. Though the day is celebrated to pay gratitude to one's mom, there is a history behind it which can be traced back to medieval England.

Though the day came into being on May 10th 1908 by an American, Anna Jarvis, Mother's day can be traced to medieval times when children from poor families often worked as domestic servants and lived in their master's houses. In the middle of Lent, these children were given a day off to visit the "Mother Church" and pray to Virgin Mary. This was usually on the fourth Sunday of the month, and was named as "Mothering Sunday". After paying tribute to their spiritual mother, children would visit their mothers and present them with flowers. Girls would bake a special "Mothering Cake" or a simnel cake. The tradition of baking a simnel cake still continues in England to this day.

No other occasion is more perfect than the Mother’s Day when it comes to expressing the love and affection for your ‘Super Hero’.

The offspring brigade is understandably excited about this day. Children, no matter of whatever age, always remain children for a mother, who finds her happiness in their joy.

While a major chunk of the tech-savvy youngsters are gearing up to unfold technology-enabled surprises by relying on social networking sites and the latest WhatsApp to delight their moms on this special day, their peers with traditional bent of mind choose to rely on the age-old practice of visiting a store and picking up their favourite card or gift.

“Happy Mother’s Day means more than flowers and gifts; it means saying thank you; it means I love you; you are my mother, my friend; today is your day!

To delight their moms on this Mother’s Day, a few youngsters rely on social networking sites, and a few others choose the age-old way of buying a card or gift from a store.

“Technology can be kept at bay at least when the subject is as emotional as the mother’s place in one’s life,” he says.

Lord, You knew what you were doing,
when you made our Mum.
You knew you'd reached perfection,
and could never make another one.

You had made a one off model.
So you threw away the mold.
You gave Mum the patients of a Saint,
and a heart of pure gold!

You gave her eyes that never looked
for fault in anyone.
You filled her soul with so much love,
and compassion by the ton.

You gave her sympathetic ears,
and such understanding too.
She would always lend a helping hand,
if there was something she could do.

Friends can come, and friends can go.
But there was no friend like our Mum.
Lord. you must have felt so proud,
when you saw just what you'd done.

To some she might have seemed naive.
But those who love her know her worth.
For Lord. When you created Mum,
you placed an Angel on this earth.

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