Last Minute Tips For SBI Clerical Prelims

Hello readers,

Another Sunday is all set to arrive and the day for which we all were waiting for so long. So First let me wish to those students who are going to attend the SBI clerical exam tomorrow 'first day first show'. So guys wish you all the very best, do your best and make this opportunity as your 'The opportunity'. Guys no need to worry, tomorrow will pay you for all your hard work. All the worries will get over and success will be at your feet.

So let's buckle up your shoes and hit the target. BA is always with you to help. Don't let your past failures and personal weaknesses comes in the way to your success. As the exam is starting from tomorrow, so don't feel the pressure. Take proper rest before Exam. Have proper diet and reach the exam venue on time. Just make sure that you won't miss any thing. 

Guys as we all know that last year, SBI has introduced a new pattern in PO exam - Prelim paper and Mains paper. But this time clerical exam also follow the same pattern. So guys don't forget to go through the exam pattern and allocate time to each section.

The SBI clerical exam is conducted once in a year and it is considered a tough nut to crack and has the huge competition because of SBI brand value and very few number of vacancies. Keeping in mind the tough competition, candidates should ensure that they go to the exam hall with full preparation and should avoid the slightest mistake in the exam. So guys here are some essential which will help you to achieve your goal -

1. Go with plan which strictly suit you as per your state of mind. Make your plan. Don't follow some one else plan because its vary , as you have different strengthens and weakness. I have seen many people who copies some one else plans. Guys that is not gonna help you. So first make sure you do your SWOT ( Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats ) analysis and based on that make the exam plan.

Start with your strong section - Suppose, you are more comfortable in a particular section, attempt it first. It will give you the confidence and set the pace for the exam. Attempt most difficult part in the end.

2. Keep in mind the new exam pattern and allocated time to each section. Guys while attempting Prelims exam do remember to make an eye on time because mostly what happen as the question paper level is easy so we try to attempt more questions but forget about the timing issues. So guys don't waste your more time in any single section. First try to make yourself secure in each section than work on scoring more.

3. Do not get stuck on a question: Never get touchy about any question and hence do not waste time if you are not able to crack it within 1-2 mins. We have seen, many candidates get stuck with questions like seating arrangement/puzzles in reasoning part and waste precious time on these. Never do that. If you feel that you might get stuck, leave it for second round.

4. Be careful about negative marking - As we all know that Prelims exam will be easy as compare to mains but it can be tricky also. So first read the questions carefully than work on the answer, as sometime we skip the rules of questions like - in questions examiner is asking for not follow but we go with follows option as we have done practice with follow option. So do take care of it. It can waste your time by solving question again and If you don't notice. It would be a big problem for you as there will be negative marks for wrong answers (equivalent to 1/4 of the marks allotted to that questions)

5. Never give up during exam- Guys you should go with a positive frame of mind to the exam hall and maintain the same throughout the exam. Many times, when candidates get stuck or find a particular section difficult, they give up. Guys do remember paper is not going to be easy or tough for you only. It will be more or less same with others also. So don't leave the field before the battle goes over. If plan 'A' didn't work. The alphabet has 25 more letters. So be positive and be cool.

So finally, don't forget to take bring your call letter with you with  your recent passport size photograph and Photo identity proof (One original and one photocopy) with exact name ( Spelling ). Be ready with these stuff today itself. 

Wish you all the very best from the whole team of Bankers ADDA. Do well & achieve your target. 

Good Luck BAians !!!

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