The Twisted Ones : Reasoning

Directions (Q. 1-5): In each question below are given three statements followed by three conclusions numbered I, II and III. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions definitely do(es) not logically follow from the given statements, disregarding commonly known facts. Give answer 

(a) If only conclusion I does not follow. 
(b) If only conclusion II does not follow. 
(c) If only conclusion III does not follow. 
(d) If both conclusions I and II do not follow. 
(e) None of these 

1. Statements: 
Some bag are tools. 
No tools is a desk. 
All desks are pencil. 
I. Some tools not being desks is a possibility. 
II. Some pencil are not tools. 
III. All bags are desks. 

2. Statements: 
All mens are lemon. 
Some apples are lemon. 
No apple is sun. 
I. Some mens are lemon. 
II. Some sun are not apples. 
III. All sun being apples is a possibility. 

3. Statements: 
All desk are watch. 
All lamp are watch. 
Some lamp are chest. 
I. No desk is lamp. 
II. Some watch being chest is a possibility. 
III. Some watch are desk. 

4. Statements: 
All sleep is snake. 
No salt is snake. 
No salt is best. 
I. No sleep is salt. 
II. No snake is best. 
III. Some snake being salt is a possibility.

5. Statements: 
All lemon are best. 
Some fruits are best. 
Some fruits are topic. 
I. No best is lemon. 
II. Some best are lemon. 
III. Some fruits being lemon is a possibility. 

Directions (Q. 6-11): Study the information carefully and answer the given questions:

Eight friends Jack, Kunal, Leon, Monty, Nikhil, Ober, Prince and Queen are sitting around a circular table but not necessarily in the same order. Some of them are facing the centre and some of them are facing outside (ie in a direction opposite the centre.) Facing the same direction means if one person faces the centre then the other person also faces the centre and if one person faces outward then the other person also faces outward. Facing the opposite direction means if one person faces the centre then the other person faces outward and vice versa.  
Immediate neighbours facing the same direction means if one neighbour faces the centre then the other neighbour also faces the centre and if one neighbour faces outward then the other neighbour also faces outward. 
Immediate neighbour faces the opposite direction means if one neighbour faces the centre then the other neighbour faces outward and vice versa. 
• Only one person sits between Kunal and Ober. Queen sits third to the right of Ober. 
• Monty sits on the immediate right of Queen. Queen faces outward. 
• Leon sits second to the left of Prince. Prince is not an immediate neighbour of Ober. 
• Leon faces a direction opposite that of Ober. The immediate neighbours of Leon face opposite direction. 
• Jack sits third to the left of Nikhil. Jack is not an immediate neighbour of neither Prince nor Kunal. 
• Monty and Jack face the direction same as that of Nikhil. 

6. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on the directions they are forming and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group? 
(a) Kunal, Leon
(b) Queen, Monty
(c) Prince, Queen
(d) Nikhil, Jack
(e) Queen, Leon 

7. Who among the following sit exactly between Queen and Ober when counted from the right of Queen? 
(a) Prince, Jack 
(b) Monty, Prince 
(c) Leon, Kunal 
(d) Nikhil, Leon 
(e) Jack, Monty 

8. Which of the following is not true regarding Kunal as per the given arrangement?  
(a) Nikhil is an immediate neighbour of Kunal. 
(b) None of the given options is true
(c) Only three people sit between Kunal and Monty. 
(d) Leon sits on the immediate left of Kunal. 
(e) Kunal faces outside. 

9. What is Leon’s position with respect to Nikhil? 
(a) Immediate right 
(b) Third to the right 
(c) Second to the right 
(d) Third to the left 
(e) Immediate left 

10. Who amongst the following are immediate neighbours of Prince? 
(a) Monty, Nikhil 
(b) Kunal, Monty 
(c) Jack, Queen 
(d) Nikhil, Kunal 
(e) Queen, Nikhil 

11. Who amongst the following is immediate right of Jack?
(a) Monty
(b) Kunal
(c) Queen 
(d) Nikhil
(e) None of the above

12. Study the given information carefully to answer the given questions:

A fatal disease has spread across the ‘Spatter’ village of State X. Even though the prescribed medicine is abundantly available in one of the cities near ‘Spatter’ which can cure the disease, the Medical Association of the State has decided not to allow the medicine to be transported to ‘Spatter’ and is calling the infected people to the city to be injected with the medicine. 

Which of the following can be a reason behind the decision of the Medical Association? 
a) The Association may not be able to earn high profits from selling the medicine to ‘Spatter’.
b) Many of the villagers may not be able to afford the medicine as it is highly priced. 
c) The disease has started spreading in other villages also, making it challenging for the   association to provide the medicine everywhere. 
d) Reportedly, many of the villagers are trying home remedies to reduce the effect of the disease and hence they may not require the medicine. 
e) If the medicine is not injected under the prescribed controlled environments, it may have  adverse effects. 

13. Read the following information carefully and answer the question which follows: 

The government of state Y is promoting organic farming this year onwards. Thus, the raw material needed for it is made available at a subsidized rate. Free regular classes are also arranged to train the farmers in organic farming methods and to solve their problems. The farmers of village B, however, are still continuing with the industrial farming methods despite several requests from the government. 

Which of the following statements, if considered true, may support the action of the farmers of village B? 

a) Industrial farming leads to more productivity in the short term; however, in the long term, it diminishes the soil life and production becomes heavily dependent on chemicals. 
b) Organic farming requires considerably more skill as compared to industrial farming. 
c) Although a few farmers across State Y have tried their hands at organic farming earlier, none of the farmers of village B have participated in it before. 
d) Organic food is expensive and not many people in State Y may be able to afford it; however with the subsidies provided by the government, it will become affordable. 
e) Organic farming methods are very labour-intensive as regular extensive observation is required whereas finding labour at affordable costs is a challenge for farmers of village B. 

14. Read the following information and answer the given question. 

Despite strong opposition from the social activists of village X, the Pollution Control Board renewed the licence of a coal depot to operate coal handling barely one kilometer away from the village. 

Which of the following statements supports the decision of the pollution Control Board to some extent? 

a) Several crops were destroyed due to disposal of waste from the coal depot in the previous year. 
b) Maintenance cost of roads in village X has increased due to transportation of coal. 
c) The depot provides employment for many people in the neighboring area. 
d) Several complaints have been filed against the depot in the past for violating safety standards. 
e) Nine out of ten residents of village X suffer from respiratory problems. 

15. Read the following information carefully and answer the question that follows: 

The number of deaths due to ABN poisoning has risen in village A from 23 two years ago, to 69 this year. Since the number of patients is the same, it can be concluded that the new medication is responsible for the deaths. 

Which of the following statements weakens the given statement that the new medication is responsible for increased number of fatalities? 

a) While azethorin-1 was being used to treat ABN poisoning for 5 years, azethorin-6 was introduced last year after it obtained necessary clinical approvals. 
b) PB released from a new fertilizer being used by the farmers of the village this year, when combined with ABN, renders all types of medicines ineffective to treat the disease. 
c) Due to low awareness regarding the disease, very few patients have been reporting this disease for many years which proves that the actual numbers could be much higher. 
d) The new medicines introduced in village A for TQW and RST poisoning have been successful in significantly bringing down the fatality rate. 
e) A cement factory set up 5 years ago in the village was responsible for leaching ABN in the soil as well as drinking water way above the danger limit. 

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