"70 Pages Not Impossible": How You Can Complete The Capsule

You have got what you demanded.
You have got what you needed.
You have got what was required.

Hope you all have downloaded the capsule which we released this evening. Most of you seemed happy as it was much needed for the UIIC although  it was a bit delayed. We can say that most of the students first looked at the number of pages and were asking what's more important. Then we felt the need to present this article which is aimed at inculcating a skill required to read the capsule. Yes friends, the art of reading capsule is nothing but a way which may reduce the efforts.

Pick and Plan:
General Awareness can be boring if not read properly. And specially at this high time, you cannot afford this. So what could be the quickest way out? Well, the answer is Pick and Plan. So, the first solution is to pick the topics you like most and make a plan to prepare it. Now what about those you like least. Well, you need to cover it as well but it will take a bit longer.

If you look at the Capsule, it has three parts:
1. Banking and Financial Awareness.
2. Current Affairs
3. Static Awareness

If we consider General Awareness as 100%, then below is the Graph depicting the composition of this section.

Another way out of this could be an idea from the recent examination. There are variety of things that one can indulge in and get stucked in, but one has to be aware of the questions asked in the examination. If we take the example of LIC then topics like Country-Capital-Currency, Heads of state, Banking Current Affairs, International Organizations and their Headquarters, New Appointments, Awards and Honours, Business News, Military Exercises, Persons in news, Obituaries etc. has been IBPS's favourites. I guess its better to cover these before we strike the whole capsule as these topics.

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