ENglish - VinglisH!

Dear Students,
English Section in the exam is a section where some students score very well but others even fail to clear cut-off. Learning Grammar is really essential to score good marks. But, what happens is that students from various boards where lesser attention is paid on English language fail to apply grammar during the examination even if they know the rules. 

So, conclusion is that practicing in some interesting way so that the things remain intact in your mind is important. Keeping this in mind, we have launched this series of "ENglish - VinglisH". We will start with some common mistakes which we do while speaking, writing and communicating in English. Furthermore, we will proceed to higher levels.
So, lets start now!!

1) Wrong: It is more hot now.
     Right:   It’s hotter now.

2) Wrong: I came America to study English.
     Right:  I came to America to study English.

3) Wrong: My husband is doctor.
     Right: My husband is a doctor.

4) Wrong: You can give me an information?
     Right: Can you give me some information?

5) Wrong: They cooked the breakfast themself.
     Right: They cooked the breakfast themselves.

6) Wrong: Me and Rimmi live here.
     Right: Rimmi and I live here.

7) Wrong: I closed very quietly the door.
     Right: I closed the door very quietly.

8) Wrong: You like dance with me?
     Right: Would you like to dance with me?

9) Wrong: I go always to school by subway.
     Right: I always go to school by subway.

10)Wrong: If I will be in London, I will contact to you.
     Right: If I am in London, I will contact you.

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