ENglish - VinglisH!

Dear Students,
English Section in the exam is a section where some students score very well but others even fail to clear cut-off. Learning Grammar is really essential to score good marks. But, what happens is that students from various boards where lesser attention is paid on English language fail to apply grammar during the examination even if they know the rules. 

So, conclusion is that practicing in some interesting way so that the things remain intact in your mind is important. Keeping this in mind, we have launched this series of "ENglish - VinglisH". We will start with some common mistakes which we do while speaking, writing and communicating in English. Furthermore, we will proceed to higher levels.
This is the third post of ENglish - VinglisH. Hope you people like it.

So, lets start now!!

1) Wrong:  I have read the Shakespeare's Macbeth.
     Right:    I have read Shakespeare's Macbeth

2) Wrong:  You cannot set a foot in this house.
     Right:    You cannot set foot in this house.

3) Wrong:  The envy is an evil passion.
     Right:    Envy is an evil passion.

4) Wrong:  He has not yet gone to the bed.
     Right:    He has not yet gone to bed.

5) Wrong:  He made very wise decision.
     Right:    He made a very wise decision.

6) Wrong:  Fire broke out in our village.
     Right:    A fire broke out in our village.

7) Wrong:  Andamans are a group of islands.
     Right:   The Andamans are a group of islands.

8) Wrong:  The clock has struck five hours.
     Right:   The clock has struck five.

9) Wrong:  Little thing has been done.
     Right:    Little has been done.

10)Wrong: We have an urgent business.
     Right:    We have an urgent piece of business.

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