Last Minute Tips For SBI Clerk Mains

Dear Readers,

All the tension and pressure building around will get released once you appear fopr the exam. This article is related to the last minute tips which will help you ease things out. Within 24 hours, the fate of many candidates will get locked down. Many will be happy and many will be complaining. Many will be laughing and many will be crying. SO friends, don't let this last moment pressure or fear or tension hamper your confidence.

As the pattern will be new and most of us have no idea how it is going to be about so relax and get adapted to the situation. This time the game is not about Time Management but about Topic Management. Topic management is a way to attempt the topics first which you are well versed with and then invest the rest of the time in other parts. As the time is pre-decided so it is important for everyone to attempt the known topics first.

Another thing that we have observed in the recent exams is that the tough questions make many students trip. This simply means that many students get panicked on getting difficult questions. Friends, the difficult questions are tough for everyone and SBI has not targeted only you with that. The patience plays a key role in dealing with such situation. So be patient and if you feel that you are unable to get the answer to the questions then move on because in the end, what matters is the accurate questions.

Another thing that may arise as a problem in the exam is the Tempo. For example in GA Section you have got 35 minutes which is more than enough. In exam we usually invest 10-15 minutes in GA and used to invest the remaining in other sections but as there is a boundation you will have to sit idle for remaining duration. So first of all, don't rush for the question. Invest proper time in reading the question. Once you are done with the questions, start writing squares and cubes in the rough sheets provided. This will help you maintain the tempo. And don't get carried away with the thought "ki ek baar fir se dekh leta hu". This will do no good.

And in the end, we would only like to say that do take print out of your admit card today only. No need to wait for the last moment at all.

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