BA DISQUS'sions: Descriptive (Essay Writing) 13

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Welcome to BA Disqus'sions. This post is dedicated to certain areas which are important for all the upcoming examinations.This descriptive disqus’sion will be helpful for SSC and other examinations aspirants also. This is the new initiative where a mod will conduct the discussion and all the irrelevant disruptions will be blocked. In this post, we are going to discuss Descriptive Topic (Essay Writing).

In this post we will discuss about the key points which can be included in Essays on some important topics which can be asked in SBI PO Mains Exam. 

We will be discussing at least three topics in a day for your descriptive preparation.

Essay Writing Topic:"How skill development will impact youth employment in India.".


1. Only subject related discussion and quizzes are allowed, so if you are on Banking Awareness Quiz, then quizzes and information related to Banking and Finance will be allowed.

2. No other kind of chit chat will be permitted.

3. Any body who indulges in chitchat in this particular page will be blocked right away(Without Warning).

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