Change the game with Ready, Fire, Aim! Crack SBI PO Mains Exam!

Dear Students,

SBI PO Mains exam is not so far away and you may be in conundrum for what to do and what not to do? What is the probability that I will qualify the prelims and will sit for the mains? WILL I GET SELECTED? How can one concentrate to study for mains exam when even prelims result is not declared? 

You can sometimes fall at the first hurdle. But the one who manages to run instead will probably win, and the one who stops at the fall can never.

My dear students, this time is not meant to waste. These 15 days can change your next 5-10-15-20-25 years! It is advisable that to start preparing for mains exam right now instead of just thinking about the probability of selection! There is no time left to waste!

How can one think that the person who is studying day and night with the spirit of 'कर्मण्ये वाधिकारस्ते म फलेषु कदाचना.' i.e. without waiting for the result, will not get success and the one who will start studying only after the prelims result is declared will qualify the exam? Studying is not going to be a hot potato for you even if you do not qualify the prelims this time. Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither.

Competition is stiff, there are students who are studying day and night for years to get in, then do you think that luck will favor you and not him? WHY? If you have to choose a person among one who has worked hard without caring for his thirst and hunger and another who studies occasionally along with all joy and fun, then whom will you choose? Same happens with luck also. 

You must be thinking that it is not just hard work, but smart work will leads to success. Yes! you are right! But even then there are many who are doing this hard + smart work! So, question arises that what will make you different that you get selected?

It is hard work + smart work + smart companion/guide . 

This companion or guide can be your books, your friends, your teacher, your mentor or something/someone else. You will get many who give a lot of suggestion about the ways to work. But test the water at first and then act accordingly.

You have already done enough hard work to qualify the exam. Means you are 'Ready' for the Mains exam. You just need to fire and achieve the aim in these 15 days. So, we are providing you some strategies to study in these 15 days before mains exam. 

Strategy to study General Awareness in 15 days

Place SBI PO mains exam at your 1st priority for these 15 days and keep rest things on 2nd priority level. Make a strategy that you have to study at least 6 hours in a day for these 15 days.

General awareness is the section which seems to cover infinite area. But to ease the students, banking exam restricts their questions for some areas only. You do not need to study everything. You need to study that part only which  can be asked in the examination.

As per the SBI PO official advertisement, 35 minutes are allocated to attempt 40 questions of 40 marks in general awareness section. Further, GA section is categorized into three parts -

1. General (Current + Static) Awareness 

2. Economy Awareness

3. Banking Awareness

It is to be noted that 35 minutes are allotted to the GA section. But, GA is the subject which you can complete in maximum 10-15 minutes if you know the answers. And if you do not know the answers then it is advisable to leave that question as it will only lead to negative marking. So, what will you do in the remaining 20-25 minutes of GA section? PLEASE DO NOT SIT IDLE DURING THAT PERIOD! Write the short tricks which you are going to use in the reasoning section  on your rough page, write tables, square roots and cube roots up to 50 in your rough sheet and write any important formula which you forget always and takes some time to recall. Utilize those 20-25 minutes and be active during that, otherwise you will loose your efficiency in the Quant and Reasoning section as quant and reasoning section may appear in the last.

Now, lets have a glance on the section wise strategy for these 15 days to SBI PO Mains Exam.

1. General (Current + Static) Awareness:

Questions in this part are asked mostly from the current affairs. Even the static questions which are asked are somehow related to some current affairs in news. For example, there was a question in recently held SBI Clerk exam that where is Chabbhar Port Situated. Although the question was from the static part but it was asked in the exam as Chabbar Port was recently in news.

  • Allocate at least 1 hour daily to read this section.
  • Now, read at least twice-thrice the current affairs from March to July'2016. You can read it from monthly The Hindu Review. It covers all the topics in a concise way. Click Here To The Hindu Review.
  • You can also study this section from Current Affairs Show Videos as an Audio-Visual learning has always leaves a longer imprint in your memory than only visual one. Click Here To Watch The Current Affairs Show Videos
  • These videos cover Current affairs + Economy Awareness news + Banking Awareness news. 

2. Economy Awareness:

Questions in this section are also asked from the recent economy news. 
  • Make a habit of reading this section on regular basis so that you can be familiar with the names of the companies and organizations. 
  • Now in these 15 days, allocate at least half an hour daily for this section and read all the economy news from March to July'2016. Click Here To Read Economy Awareness.

3. Banking Awareness:

Most of the questions in this section are from the recent banking news but there may be a few question from the static part as well.
  • Make a habit of reading the banking news for at least half an hour a day.
  • Now in these 15 days, revise all the news  of banking awareness from March to July'2016. Click Here To Read Banking Awareness

Last but not the least, Read and memorize the GK Capsule. We will provide the GK Capsule for PO Mains exam very soon. Till then study from the Capsule which was released for SBI Clerk Mains Exam.

We will discuss strategy for English Section Tomorrow

You can crack it this time if you do not loose the momentum!

All The Best! Make Us And Your Family Proud!

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