English Quiz for SBI exam 2016

Directions (Q.1-10). Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is 'No error', the answer is 'e'. (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any).

Q1. Many pupils of this department/are working as teachers/in different public schools/of the city./ No Error.
(a) Many pupils of this department 
(b) Are working as teachers 
(c) In different public schools 
(d) Of the city 
(e) No Error  
Ans- a (use ‘students’ in place of ‘pupils’. ‘students’ can be used in the sense of both pupil and teacher while pupil can be used in one sense only) 

Q2. Each competitor/tried his best/to defeat/the one another. /No Error. 
(a) Each competitor  
(b) Tried his best 
(c) To defeat 
(d) The one another  
(e) No error 
Ans- d (use ‘the other’ in place of ‘one another’. “other” is used with “each”) 

Q3. As my neighbourers/are very co-operative, /I do not/feel any difficulty. /No Error.
(a) As my neighbourers  
(b) Are very co-operative 
(c) I do not
(d) Feel any difficulty 
(e) No Error 
Ans- a (use ‘neighbours’ in place of ‘neighbourers’. There is no such word in English language) 

Q4. He ran as fastly/as he could to/win the race/but ultimately he lost. /No Error.
(a) He ran as fastly 
(b) As he could to 
(c) Win the race 
(d) But ultimately he lost
(e) No error
Ans- a (use ‘fast’ in place of ‘fastly’ . ) 

Q5. Both of them have/not turned up/in this/court./No Error. 
(a) Both of them have  
(b) Not turned up 
(c) In this 
(d) Court  
(e) No error 
Ans- e (sentence is grammatically correct) 

Q6. He put his sign/at the foot of the/letter and posted it/without delay. /No Error. 
(a) He put his sign
(b) At the foot of the 
(c) Letter and posted it 
(d) Without delay 
(e) No Error 
Ans- a (use ‘signature’ in place of ‘sign’. ‘sign’ is verb and ‘signature’ is noun)

Q7. The officer asked me/to talk to the/concerned clerk for/any difficulty in payment. /No Error.
(a) The officer asked me 
(b) To talk to the 
(c) Concerned clerk for 
(d) Any difficulty in payment 
(e) No Error 
Ans- c (use ‘concerned’ after ‘clerk’ ) 

Q8. He was/very friendly enough/to help me when/I was in distress. /No Error.
(a) He was  
(b) Very friendly enough 
(c) To help me when
(d) I was in distress 
(e) No Error 
Ans- b (use of “very” is superfluous.  ‘positive degree adjective + enough’ is correct structure)

Q9. The old man asked me/if there was any/place in/the compartment. /No Error.
(a) The old man asked me  
(b) If there was any 
(c) Place in 
(d) The compartment 
(e) No Error 
Ans- c (use ‘room’ in place of ‘place’) 

Q10. I have learnt/that a lot of/students have applied/for freeship./No Error. 
(a) I have learnt 
(b) That a lot of 
(c) Students have applied 
(d) For freeship 
(e) No Error 
Ans- d ( use ‘free-studentship’ in place of ‘freeship’) 


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