ENglish - VinglisH!

Dear Students,
English Section in the exam is a section where some students score very well but others even fail to clear cut-off. Learning Grammar is really essential to score good marks. But, what happens is that students from various boards where lesser attention is paid on English language fail to apply grammar during the examination even if they know the rules. 

So, conclusion is that practicing in some interesting way so that the things remain intact in your mind is important. Keeping this in mind, we have launched this series of "ENglish - VinglisH". We will start with some common mistakes which we do while speaking, writing and communicating in English. Furthermore, we will proceed to higher levels.
This is the fourth post of ENglish - VinglisH. Hope you people like it.

So, lets start now!!

1) Wrong:   He absented from the school yesterday.
     Right:     He absented himself from the school yesterday.

2) Wrong:   He availed of the opportunity.
     Right:     He availed himself of the opportunity.

3) Wrong:   Don't pride on your victory.
     Right:     Don't pride yourself on your victory.

4) Wrong:  The climate of India is hotter than England.
     Right:    The climate of India is hotter than that of England.

5) Wrong:   Everybody will get their share.
     Right:     Everybody will get his share.

6) Wrong:   He is sick.
     Right:     He is ill.

7) Wrong:   I have strong headache.
     Right:    I have a severe headache.

8) Wrong:   This is more preferable than that.
     Right:     This is preferable to that.

9) Wrong:   No less than fifty students were present.
     Right:     No fewer than fifty students were present.

10)Wrong:  Ram only is guilty.
     Right:     Ram alone is guilty.

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