Night Class: English Quiz

Directions (Q.1-10): In the following questions , there are blanks which need to be filled with appropriate words from the given options. 

Q.1) In Buddhism, it is impossible to keep ethics and psychology ________ from one another, because they ________ at so many points. 
  A. apart, meet
  B. aloof, merge
  C. separate, overlap
  D. consider, desirous
  E. disjoint, converge

Q.2) I don't ________ I shall be ________ to go. 

  A. know, wanting
  B. consider, desirous
  C. think, able
  D. believe, liking
  E. feel, available

Q.3) Restlessness among the students of colleges and universities has ________ from their deep rooted feeling that their views and aspirations are ________ by their elders. 

  A. arisen, humiliated
  B. followed, disregarded
  C. stemmed, ignored
  D. started, neglected
  E. percolated, pooh-poohed

Q.4) Shalini was not ________ by the criticism and paid no ________ even when her best friend talked against her. 
  A. bothered, attention
  B. troubled, mind
  C. threatened, warning
  D. deterred, heed
  E. shaken, indication

Q.5) There is no glory in war ________ the blood it ________.
  A. thinking, demands
  B. considering, sheds
  C. worth, costs
  D. comparing, spills
 E.  worry, dispute 

Q.6) Hitler cast a ________ and ________ shadow upon world history.
  A. colossal, frightful
  B. herculean, gloomy
  C. gigantic, horrifying
  D. huge, vast
 E. vast, improve 

Q.7) When Somesh ________ me coming to his table, he smiled and ________ me a chair.
  A. found, signalled
  B. met, sat
  C. looked, gave
  D. saw, offered
  E. welcomed, took

Q.8) Although the leader's life was both ________ and painful, yet it was not without ________ for he had accomplished many of his goals.
  A. magnificent, success
  B. happy, frustration
  C. thrilling, ambition
  D. purposeful, danger
  E. arduous, satisfaction

Q.9) Wars usually result from ________ among the parties involved and a failure to ________ them peacefully.
  A. doubts, dispel
  B. hostilities, debate
  C. frustrations, understand
  D. disagreements, resolve
 E.  warning, haste 

Q.10) Though he is reputed for his technical ________, his books were sadly ________ of the work of others as he lacked originality.
  A. advice, unconscious
  B. skill, independent
  C. knowledge, ignorant
  D. expertise, derivative
  E. dependence, indicative


1.Ans- C 
2.Ans- C (think and able correctly fits in the context) 
3.Ans- c (stem- originate in or be caused by.) 
4.ANs- A (‘paid no attention’ is correct expression. “bother’’ means – (of a circumstance or event) worry, disturb, or upset (someone).
5.Ans- B (considering and sheds, fits in the context correctly) 
6.Ans- C (gigantic- of very great size or extent; huge or enormous. horrifying - fill with horror; shock greatly.) 
7.Ans- D (saw, offered fits in the context correctly) 
8.Ans- E (arduous- involving or requiring strenuous effort; difficult and tiring.) 
9.Ans- B (hostility-hostile behaviour; unfriendliness or opposition.) 
10.Ans- D (expertise, derivative is correctly used in this context)  

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