Roll up your sleeves! SBI PO Mains is just 5 days ahead!

Dear Readers,

SBI PO Mains exam is just 5 days ahead and you all must be preparing well for that. But, there may be many candidates who would be feeling nervous, some may be feeling like what can they do in just 5 days? But there are many students who are preparing day and night to succeed in the examination.

But why are the former students worried and not doing their job? Will worrying help them in the exam? NO! A BIG NO! It is only your deeds which is going to help you! Your hardwork matters, your smartwork matters, what material do you study matters, what techniques do you choose matters!


Make a strategy for what is left to prepare or to revise. Either make your own strategy or you can follow the strategy given below. It is only you who has to decide which strategy you will follow.

1. 25/07/2016 - Revise all the GA News which you have prepared till date. And remember to revise from only those places from where you have studied earlier. Revising from somewhere else can be less helpful. GK Power Capsule is best for revision.

2. 26/07/2016 - Solve at least one question of each type of Data Interpretation. And revise your all quant tricks and tips which can be asked in DI e.g. Average, Squares, Cubes, Percentages, Tables etc.

3. 27/07/2016 - Solve all the difficult puzzles of reasoning and revise basic concepts which you have studied till now. Do revise some computer basics as well. Although computer was not asked in SBI Clerk mains exam, so there is some possibility that it will not be asked in SBI PO Mains also. But, you revise at least some basics which you had prepared earlier for other exams as Computer is mentioned in the syllabus of the exam.

4. 28/07/2016 - Write at least 1 formal letter, 1 informal letter, 1 essay, 1 precis in proper format with least grammatical mistake. Also, revise the GA once again.

5. 29/07/2016 - Attend 2 mock tests and analyse the solution as well.

6. 30/07/2016 - Have a glance on all the subjects imp. parts and relax. Take good sleep to maximize your performance in the exam.

All the best! Make us and your family proud!

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