SBI/ IBPS 2016: Shape up or ship out, there’s no time to wait - just jump to it!

Dear BA'ians,

Few minds wear out, rest rust out! Why? Have you ever thought? Because the former follows the right path!

But how will you know which is the right path? Is it not enough to know that you are here with the best Banking Preparation Website which is trending no. 1 among banking preparation websites and no. 4 among all the educational websites of India!

Bankersadda has created a maiden history!

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There is a single recipe for success: 

Study while others are sleeping, 
Work while others are loafing, 
Prepare while others are playing, 
and dream while others are whishing! 
Always be 1 step ahead! 
This is a Techno Era....... So, why to be one step behind?

Ball is in your court! Bankersadda has launched it's Mobile Application also. It can prove to be a big aid to your preparation. You are now getting a new section containing FULL LENGTH Mock Test added for upcoming exams !

Stop chasing your tail for study materials now! You are getting whole bag of tricks on a single platform i.e. ADDA247. You are getting all the ducks in a row i.e. all the materials in a well organized way e.g. PDF version of Magazines and Capsules in an organized way.

Procrastination (delay) is invitation to the failure!

Do It Once, Do It Right. Get It Over With! Why to wait for the next time?

We wish you to explore all the avenues in order to become successful.

All the best! Make us and your family proud!

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