SBI PO Mains 2016: Descriptive Test Preparation (Letter Writing) Part 2

Dear Students,

Most of the high profile examinations are taking descriptive tests nowadays. But have you ever thought that WHY ARE THEY TAKING DESCRIPTIVE TESTS? There are several reasons for which any organisation takes descriptive test of the candidate. Some of the reasons are:

1) To check the grammatical Knowledge over the English Language of the candidate.
2) To check whether the candidate is familiar with the basic formats of Letters, Reports, Essays etc. 
3) To check that whether the candidate will be able to submit the reports and documents in proper way.
4) To check the typing speed of the candidate i.e. how much is the candidate familiar with the computers.

We have already discussed 'how to write formal letters' in the previous part of descriptive preparation. Today we will discuss 'How to write an informal letter?' after revising in short the types of letters.

Basically, there are 2 types of letters:

(I) Formal Letters
(II) Informal Letters

We will discuss about the INFORMAL LETTERS today.

(I) Informal Letters: Informal Letter means write a letter using all easy words, sentences and normal language. No need to be very much formal. Informal letters usually using for personal correspondence with very close person. These letters are written to some relatives, friends, your old teachers etc. for some personal cause or reason e.g. letter to your high school thanking him for his teachings because of which you attained great success, Inviting your friend in your brother's marriage, Suggesting the benefits of bank account to your younger brother, suggesting the advantages of using internet banking and mobile banking to your friend etc.. The Addressee in the formal letter is personally known to you.

On a broader sight, informal letters which can be asked in the exam can be of following types:

(a) Letter to thank any known person for something.
(b) Letter to invite someone on some occasion.
(c) Letters to show concern regarding something.
(d) To suggest someone for the advantages using of something.
(e) To motivate/ inspire someone.
(f) To advice something to someone.
(g) Miscellaneous.

Tips to write informal letters:

  • You can even use Idioms for close expressions. 
  • You can use Imperatives sentence in the Informal letter. Imperatives are sentences that start with a verb. Ex - Do your home work, Help your mother more, Send it soon!
  • You can use exclamation symbol. Ex - WOW! YES!
  • Avoid the strong words in the Informal letter

We are providing you two formats to write an informal letter which can be used for any informal letter, so that you may not get confused in the examination that which format to use and which not. 

Format 1: 

1) Keep all the text aligned to the left margin of the page.
2) Start with your own address.
3) Mention the date after your address.
4) Now give a salutation or greeting  'Dear Name'
5) Now start the body of the letter. Remember not to be very formal and avoid using heavy words. 
6) You can also ask about the well being of the person in the 1st paragraph.
7) In the 2nd paragraph elaborate your topic provide.
8) Conclude with a small 3rd paragraph.
9) End the letter with a valediction like 'Yours Relation' and mention your name below.

Format 2:

Written as per the format below:

Note: Do not make spelling mistakes, keep in mind the grammar while forming the sentences. Do not try to use heavy words about which you are yourself not sure.

Some important topics for practice:

1. Write a letter to your cousin explaining him how to prepare for bank PO exam.
2. Write a letter to your friend arranging for a get together with his accepting reply.
3. Write Letter to your father in about 300 words telling her of your achievements in college.
4. Write a letter to your old teacher to thank him/her for making you a good human being.
5. A letter to your friend for encouraging and wishing him for SBI PO Exam which he is writing for the third time.
6. A letter to friend to aware him about the importance and benefit of PPF (Public Provident Fund) account.
7. Letter to your friend to avoid junk food and inform her/him about its bad consequences.
8. Write a letter to your friend explaining him benefits of life insurance.
9. Write a letter to your friend sharing experience of selection in SBI PO Exam.

10.Write a letter to your friend telling him about the benefits of fixed deposits in bank.

All the best! 

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