Superheros are not born - they are made!

Dear Readers,
"Will Power gives you strength to make impossible possible"

All of you fall into a situation of 'If' many times in your life. This 'If' leads many to failures. But it is not necessary that 'If' will lead to failure always, 'If' can lead you to success also. And this difference between failure or success due to 'If' depends only on your approach on how do you take this 'If' in your life. 

Being students you fail many times in the examination and you feel that you could not do because you do not get time to study, your surroundings are not supportive, If you could have a better primary education you could crack the exams easily right now, If you had good financial condition then you could do many a things and many more 'If's' come in life. But speaking is easy and doing is difficult. And those who take this 'If' positively and work for it become finally successful. Every successful person has many 'If's' in their life. So, we are starting this "If..? - that creates winners" series. Today we are going to discuss about the story of severely injured "Sudha Chandran" who eliminated this If..... from her way and refused to be a handicapped. She achieved what she had dreamed of!

There are times in life when you want to do something, but some hindrances try to stop you from doing that. You get into a fight with those hindrances. It becomes difficult to fight with them. But those who do not loose hope and try again and again overcome those hindrances and hence they succeed. Those are called winner! And yes, you can call Sudha one of them!

Dance was passion of Sudha Chandran since her toddler-hood. She joined dance traning institute at the age of three and a half only. She would go to school at 9 in the morning and then go for her dance training and be back home only by 9:30 pm. Although she was good in academics and topped in her school securing 80% in her 10th standard. But she chose to take Arts instead of Science just so that she could continue to dance.

Very rarely we come across people who have the courage and heart to move on in life after tragedy strikes their personal lives. May 2nd 1981 was the day that changed Sudha Chandran forever. A highly accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer, Chandran met with a road accident in Tamil Nadu. The bus she was travelling in hit a truck and her feet got stuck in the chaos. Those less injured helped out but by that time her right foot was critically injured. Unfortunately for her, the doctors made a mistake while trying to cure the infection. This mistake cost Sudha her right leg. To stop the infection from spreading to the other parts of body, her right leg had to be amputated 7.5 inches below the knee.

Sudha remained in a state of shock and for a long time, battled depression. But sometimes, the confidence which you get from someone's instant reply gives a new way to your life. And the same happened with Sudha. Sudha asked to her mentor that whether she will be able to dance again ever, her mentor replied within a moment without any hesitation"YES! YOU CAN!". And this 'Yes' gave Sudha so much strength that she learned walking and even dancing in a span of just a few years with her artificial legs again. 

So, it may happen in your life also that If someone shows confidence in you then you get more determined to achieve your target.

With every dance session while wearing the artificial leg, her foot began to bleed and the pain became more severe as the pace of her dancing increased. Though she was determined to overcome it. She mastered all the dance moves and patiently waited for an opportunity to thrive on the stage once again. She had a point to prove to herself. A recipient of two prestigious awards, the Nritya Mayuri from the Dance Academy and Bharatnatyam and Nav Jyoti from the Telugu Academy, Sudha knew she had to live up to her reputation.
You too must have some day/or duration when you were somewhere among the favorite ones, or there may be some time when you were considered as a good student. Close your eyes and remember those days. Link all the sequence of events of that time. You will realize that you are good....actually very good! Just that better part has hid somewhere inside your personality. Everyone is born good. You just need to nurture yourself more when you are in a time of trouble, or, in a time of struggle! Just try it once!

January 28, 1984 was the day she forgot about her leg and produced such a stellar performance that the entire nation came to know her name. Her performance was appreciated and well received by all, even Ramoji Rao, a famous Telugu film producer and publisher of ' Newstime' and 'Eanader' who wanted to produce a film based on her life story. Later, Sudha was casted as the protagonist in 'Mayuri'. The film went on to become a hit and turned Sudha into an overnight star. At that time, the President of India, Gyani Zail Singh presented her a special award-Silver Lotus and Rs.5, 000 for her acting in this film at the 33rd National Film Festival. 

She had the heart to move on and make something of what she had while many of us would have stopped in our tracks and let life so the way it was. 

Live long Sudha Chandran!
Sudha Chandran Advises,

"Don’t be a victim of stress and distress. Just go out in the world and strive what you want to become”

My dear Students, believe in the fact that,

“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it. I can surely achieve it!"

So, what are you waiting for? Go, pick up your notes! fulfill your dreams!

All The Best!

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