ADDA247 App: Essential Companion

Hello Friends,

This article is dedicated to the STRUGGLE we make to get all the relevant study material at one place. It all start with the course books and ends at the Model Test papers. Well, most of us ruin our energy in searching things and when it comes to the study, we find ourselves already too tired. I don't know why we are running after anything. Why we are so desperate to collect things that we are hardly left with time to study or practice. We keep asking what to buy and what else to buy, but we barely have a look at what we already have.

Friends, all our energy is so scattered that we remain directionless throughout preparation phase. Actually, its not your faul, conventional study was such only and Bankers have managed to clear the exam at that point of time as well. Well, the time is gone and all the conventional methods transformed with a lot of changes in pattern as well.

In this TECHNOLOGICAL Era we are blessed with a lot of things that can make our lifestyle easy. And being a BANKING ASPIRANT, we have what you require most. The ADDA247 App is the one and only solution that can fulfill all your wishes. Well, it may seem like a marketing but its not costing you anything. You get all the study material for free, all the quizzes for free, all the practice sets for free and above all, its a DATA EFFICIENT App. Its designed in such a way that it consumes less data and you can attempt quizzes offline as well once it gets downloaded. We are not the only one saying this, but you can have a look at what our users have to say.

This app has a lot of features but the best one is that it keeps you up to date with all the Jobs/Current Affairs. The notification urges you to open the content and you end up studying a headline. Well you just read a current affair that may be asked in the exam. This is how it keeps poking you with all the relevant informations. I don't understand what you all are waiting for, just download it and give it a try. I can't think think of a best buddy other than this specially at this stage of life!!

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