Current Affairs Quiz For RBI/IBPS Exams

Q1. Government is making all efforts to boost the Housing Finance Sector to ensure the goal of affordable Housing for all by which year?
a) 2019
b) 2022
c) 2020
d) 2030
e) 2025

Q2. Which of the following Indian organizations has called for restarting negotiations for India's Free Trade Agreements with UK and European Union (EU)?
b) RBI

Q3. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has revised downward its global economic growth forecast for next year after the British people voted to leave the European Union. By how much percent will the world economy expand in 2017 as told by the Fund?
a) 2.1 percent 
b) 1.3 percent 
c) 3.4 percent
d) 5.8 percent 
e) 7.5 percent

Q4. Name the noted Indian hockey player who passed away at the age of 56 due to multiple organ failure.
a) Mohammad Shahid
b) Kishan Lal
c) Lal Bokhari
d) Charanjit Singh
e) MM Somaya

Q5. India is all set to host the BRICS Policy Planning Dialogue on 26th July 2016 at.........
a) Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
b) Mumbai, Maharashtra
c) Kolkata, West Bengal
d) Patna, Bihar
e) Guwahati, Assam

Q6. Which temple in India frequented by the rich and powerful among other devotees, has opened a demat account to help followers donate equity shares and other securities?
a) Shree Siddhivinayak Ganapati Temple,Maharashtra
b) Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Andhra Pradesh
c) Baidyanath Temple, Jharkhnad 
c) Konark Sun Temple, Odisha
e) None of the above

Q7. Shri Kalraj Misra, Union Minister Of MSME inaugurated Incubation Cell at IIFT Delhi. The initiative is named as........?
c) APY
d) DBT
e) None of the above

Q8. India and which of the following countries agreed to enhance cooperation on hydrocarbons recently?
a) Germany
b) Russia
c) USA
d) Japan
e) Canada

Q9. Name the person who is appointed as International remittance company Western Union as Regional Vice President, India and South Asia?
a) Paul Romer
b) Navjot Singh Sidhu
c) AK Joti
d) Sohini Rajola
e) Malcolm Turnbull

Q10. Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu has dedicated the newly developed Coach to the nation in a simple programme held at New Delhi Railway Station recently. The coach is named as.......?
a) Patel Coach
b) Nehru Coach
c) Gandhi Coach
d) Rajendra Coach
e) Deen Dayalu Coach

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