English Quiz For IBPS, RBI Exam 2016

Directions (1-15): Choose the best option.

Q1. Confused and ______, Hogwart fumbled to make sense of seemingly inconsistent statements, _______ the impatience of his listeners. 
(a) prostrate… listening to 
(b) muddled .. aware of 
(c) philosophical … overlooking 
(d) incoherent … oblivious to 
(e) agitated… following 

Q2. One of the most productive research _______ in contemporary neuroscience is devoted to _____ maps of human consciousness. 
(a) trajectories; reconnoitering 
(b) designs; enunciating 
(c) paradigms; elucidating 
(d) declensions; obfuscating 
(e) terminologies...newel

Q3. Just as a highway automobile accident leaves lasting marks of spilled coolant, ______ and oil, the smashing together of gigantic land masses releases and redirects fluids that flow, heat, ________ and deposit, leaving an enduring record of their presence. 
(a) petrol…. disappear 
(b) fuel… evaporate 
(c) paint… mark 
(d) anti-freeze… drip 
(e) gases… electric 

Q4. Ironically, his normally ______ speaker became shy and ____ when confronted with the approbatory stares of her eager audience. 
(a) quiet …. passionate 
(b) garrulous… reticent 
(c) dispassionate...passionate 
(d) humble… supercilious 
(e) soft…. Remorseful 

Q5. Although the whole team acted in unison, each member was ______ for a(n) _____ of the production process. 
(a) reliable .. source 
(b) responsible ….. element 
(c) appointed.. article 
(d) agreeable .. felony  
(e) agreeable .. amount 

Q6. The studies of the children were ______ and ______ was the result of it. 
(a) neglected… ignorance 
(b) interrupted… incongruence 
(c) off tracked… alienation 
(d) instructed… genius 
(e) ignored… negligence 

Q7. Most young children are highly conformist and will ______ a classmate whose appearance or manners are ________ .
(a) ostracise… conventional 
(b) emulate… different 
(c) shun … unusual 
(d) deride… ordinary 
(e) choose… deriding 

Q8. The ______ rites of the Black Magic cult were kept secret by the members and were never _________to outsiders. 
(a) electric… delegate 
(b) esoteric …. divulged 
(c) inscrutable .. introduced 
(d) elusive… prescribed 
(e) exclusive… delegated 

Q9. Though the law’s ____________ purpose is to curtail false advertising, its actual result is to _____ free speech. 
(a) erroneous… eschew 
(b) ostensible .. repress 
(c) illicit … reconcile 
(d) recalcitrant… characterize 
(e) elusive .. contain 

Q10. There was a ________ all about the palace, and the _____ concerned the security guard. 
(a) gift… distribution 
(b) silence… quiet 
(c) tranquil… temper 
(d) feast.. circulation 
(e) commotion .. quiet 

Q11. The conspirators met ______ in order to plot a(n) ______ against the oppressive governance of Julius Ceaser. 
(a) clandestinely…. revolt 
(b) wickedly.. invocation 
(c) craftily …. referendum 
(d) wittily … ban 
(e) aggressively.. crime 

Q12. As several shops have _____ across the street, the old directory is ______. 
(a) relocated… obsolete 
(b) reversed… enticing 
(c) transferred… dismantled 
(d) vanished… beautiful 
(e) transferred… up to date 

Q13. Being cynical, Ashish was reluctant to _________ the ______ of any kind act until he had ruled out all possible secret, uncharitable motives. 
(a) acknowledge…. wisdom 
(b) accept.. unselfishness 
(c) endure.. loss 
(d) witness… outcome 
(e) uncover… outcome 

Q14. As a steadfast ______ of our right to liberty time, Mishra had few ______.
(a) defender… equals 
(b) opponent… enemies 
(c) follower.. enemies 
(d) advocate… defenders 
(e) leader… unequal

Q15. The ________ of the air crash could have been avoided if more safety _______ had been taken. 
(a) sad event… preservers 
(b) disaster.. reservations 
(c) scientist… measures 
(d) tragedy…precautions 
(e) aftermath… steps

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