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Dear Students,
English Section in the exam is a section where some students score very well but others even fail to clear cut-off. Learning Grammar is really essential to score good marks. But, what happens is that students from various boards where lesser attention is paid on English language fail to apply grammar during the examination even if they know the rules. 

So, conclusion is that practicing in some interesting way so that the things remain intact in your mind is important. Keeping this in mind, we have launched this series of "ENglish - VinglisH". We have discussed some basic sentence errors and use of some basic words in English. Also, we are done with Tenses. now we will learn the basics of VERB.

This is the 29th post of ENglish - VinglisH. Hope you people like it.

So, lets start now!!

It becomes difficult to remember the forms of verb if you are a beginner. Although the perfection comes with practicing a lot for a long time. But still, we are providing you some frequently used verb in categorized way so that you may remember fast and hence learn fast. Till now we studied different verbs of different categories viz:
(I)    Verbs in which all three forms are identical
(II)   Verbs in which all two forms are identical
(III) Verbs with -ed, -en forms
(III) Irregular Verbs

Now, this is the special post on verb in which we will discuss about some verbs which possess some special property.

1. In some verbs, the past form in British English ends in - t, but the same verbs end in - ed
in American English e.g.:

Burn - Past: Burnt/Burned 
Clap - Past: Clapped/Clapt 
Dream - Past: Dreamt/Dreamed 
Kneel - Past: Knelt/Kneeled 
Lean - Past: Leant/Leaned 
Leap - Past: Leapt/Leaped 
Smell - Past: Smelt/Smelled 
Spell - Past: Spelt/Spelled 
Spill - Past: Spilt/Spilled 
Spoil - Past: Spoilt/Spoiled 
Strip - Past: Stript/Stripped 
Sunburn - Past: Sunburned/Sunburnt 
Sweep - Past: Swept/Sweeped 
Vex - Past: Vext/Vexed
learn - Past: learned, learnt

2. Some verbs have two different past forms e.g.:
forbid - Past: forbade, forbad
knit - Past: knitted, knit
light  - Past: lighted, lit
speed  - Past: sped, speeded
bid  - Past: bid, bade
dive - Past: dived, dove

3. The verb hang has two meanings and a different past form for each meaning:
hang  - suspend - Past: hung
hang  - kill by hanging, with a noose - Past: hanged

4. The verb drop has two meanings:

drop - to let something fall down. - Past: Dropped. Ex - You will fall if you stand beside the edge.
drop - to leave. - Past: Dropped. Ex- Drop the topic now.

5. The past form of read has the same spelling as the base form, but a different pronunciation:
read ( Pronunciation - ríyd ) - Past: read ( Pronunciation - red )

Tomorrow we will learn about "Subject Verb Agreement"

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