Learn for your overall improvement - not just for exam!

Dear Readers,

Changed pattern of SBI PO itself indicates that now everyone needs the smart brain not the rote brain. So, just depending upon certain formulas and short cut tricks are not going to work now. You need to improve yourself! You need to make yourself! and you need to makeover yourself! You need to develop your personality such that you can accept, perform and solve any sort of new problems in your life.

But question arises how will you do that? How will you adept to the new changes and new revolution? 

At first, you need to be strong! Yes, strong! Mentally strong, emotionally strong and intellectually strong! Start with a healthy routine. Wake up early in the morning. And do some yoga. Include the pranayam necessarily. It helps to metabolize the brain cells which in turn develops an ability in you to decide actively and act actively. 

Furthermore, make a habit of reading - reading newspapers, and reading online news. Do not read this just to read. Grasp it! Analyse the facts! and develop your own opinion about the news. This will increase your intelligence. And hence, it will help you a lot to understand any new type of question in the exam.

We are working and will start very soon providing you the study materials based on new topic and  material for detailed study. We will also provide you posts on surprising and innovative questions so that you can develop the skill to accept the change and you can develop the skill of  CHANGE MANAGEMENT! We have provided you the materials based on Changed Pattern yesterday as well. And we will gradually increase the difficulty so that you don't experience the blunt force.

For now, start reading the news in detail from the link below:



By reading the news in detail you do not just prepare general awareness section - you prepare for English as well. Understand the type of sentences used, the use of various types of connectors in the news, and learn the number of ways in which a sentence can be formed.

Our wishes are always with you!

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