Night Class: English Quiz for IBPS/RBI Exam

Directions (Q.1-10) : In the following questions, some of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, your answer is (e) i.e. No error

(a) Our country’s performance
(b) in the last few national and international games
(c) is fairly ordinary
(d) and below our stature.
(e) No Error
Use ‘very’ or ‘rather’ in place of ‘fairly’.  Fairly is used for the pleasant adjective in the sense of ‘moderately’. 

(a) We have 
(b) fairly standard accounting procedures
(c) that are on the line
(d) with the internationally accepted norms.
(e) No Error
Use’ in line ‘ in place of ‘on the line’. 
‘be in line with’ means – be in agreement with. 

(a) The company is negotiating
(b) new store launches
(c) at nearly
(d) half the rent.
(e) No Error
Ans- e 
The given sentence is grammatically correct. 

(a) Intense fear blocks
(b) both to the generation
(c) and expression
(d) of ideas
(e) No Error
Preposition ‘to’ will not be used after ‘both’. Because the block is a transitive verb and it takes a direct object.  

(a) The Government officials have been met
(b) heads of Commercial Banks later this week
(c) to get their views on liquidity
(d) and growth in deposits.
(e) No Error
Use ‘have met’ in place of ‘have been met’. 

(a) Indian entrepreneurs are making waves
(b) throughout the world; their ideas
(c) and technical knowledge are yielded
(d) unprecedented growth in income and employment.
(e) No Error
Use ‘yielding’ in place of ‘ yielded’. 

(a) Policy analysts are reacting to the inflation paranoia
(b) with proposing that
(c) central bankers hit the brakes
(d) on their expansionary policies.
(e) No Error
Use ‘with a protest’ in place of ‘with proposing’.  

(a) The aim of the course
(b) will be to cater to students with diverted needs
(c) from basic knowledge
(d) to top end reason and publishing skills
(e) No Error
Use ‘diversified needs’ in place of ‘diverted needs’. 

(a) Many multinational companies 
(b) have not been as 
(c) successful in India 
(d) than we expected 
(e) No Error
Ans- d 
Use ‘as’ in place of ‘than’. 

(a)There are many 
(b) ways of which 
(c) Inflation can 
(d) be measured. 
(e) No Error
Ans- b 
Use ‘by which ‘ in place of ‘of which’.  ‘of which’ shows relation, whereas ‘by which’ shows means.  

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