IBPS PO Strategy for English Language 2016

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With only about a month left for IBPS PO Prelims Exam, every moment and your every move counts. And in Banking Examination the most important aspect is good practice and strategic plan. If you are blindly following any book or study material, that won’t help you much. You must be fully aware of what you need to study and how should you attempt the questions on The Day of Examination.
Today we’ll discuss about English Language Section.

We’ve already given strategy and plan that you should follow for Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning and in this article we’ll discuss the strategy that you can follow to attain good marks in English Language in IBPS PO 2016.

In IBPS PO Prelims this section will have 30 questions which can fetch you maximum 30 marks and there will be negative marking of 0.25 for each wrong answer. And most importantly you will have just an hour for all the three sections English, Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude collectively. Here comes a need for Strategy.

Most important element of a Language 

As there is only about a month left, you should speed up your preparation and follow the right path as this is a vast subject. To prepare English Language subject for examination you must first understand that grammar is the essence of every language. And if you understand the grammatical rules, you easily could relate what goes into the structure of sentences and phrases. And the second most important thing is vocabulary. Vocabulary is the body of words used in a particular language and for commutating well or to understand the language vocabulary also plays an important part. And to have a good vocabulary you must develop good reading habits.

Every student appearing for IBPS PO Examination must know what all are the important topics that you need to cover or practice well to score in the examination.

The topics that you need to cover are:

☑ Reading Comprehension (Based on Story, Economy, Social cause, Specific Topic)
☑ Jumbled Paragraph
☑ Sentence Improvement
☑ Cloze-Test
☑ Double/Single Fill in the blanks
☑ Antonyms, Synonyms and Spellings
☑ Jumbled Paragraph with odd one out sentence
☑ Paragraph Completion
☑ Compound Sentences (Combining sentences using participial phrases/connecting words)

And to prepare these topics you need to have good knowledge of:
Basic Grammar such as sentence, subject and predicate, phrases, clauses and Nouns
Adjective, types of adjective and the key to usage of suitable form of adjective
Phrase Replacement
Auxiliary and Modal Verbs
Adverbs and its types and usage
Prepositions, Conjunctions and Interjections

Strategy to make the most in limited time.

Firstly, you should choose to attempt questions of Cloze Test, Antonym/Synonym, Spellings and Fill in the blanks as they are relatively easier and far less time consuming than other topics. Be careful as there is negative marking, do not take chances in the examination as even 1 mark can make or break your dream.

Then you can go for Sentence Improvement, Jumbled paragraph and Compound sentences. They can be tricky as we’ve seen in SBI PO examination, there were some major changes, so practice well and be prepared for the unexpected. The key is not to lose your calm and concentration. There are certain methods and tricks for these topics and by practicing well, you can easily get through these questions as well.

Then you’ll be left with Reading Comprehension. There are certain types of Reading Comprehension like on Story based, Economy based, Social cause or Specific Topic based. It is advisable that as you have around a month left, you should practice at least 2 of each type. The trick for Reading Comprehension can be to at first quickly read the questions and then accordingly go through the passage, this can save your time. Yes, this step is very important, and while reading the questions do note down important points or keywords that you have to search in the passage. Remember it’s better to leave those questions that you find too much time consuming, be careful with your choices. Around 10 questions will be asked from a Reading Comprehension and 5-6 questions can be of easy to moderate level. Choose wisely and don’t be tempted to take chances while attempting questions from Reading Comprehension as accuracy matters a lot.


These study notes and trips can be beneficial for you if you are looking out to make the most in limited time and crack IBPS PO 2016.

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