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The thriving aspect of technology has effected Banking and SSC examinations to a great extent as we see plenty of changes in the examination’s pattern. And when the examination that YOU are aiming at, itself has a very dynamic approach, it is going to be of NO good, if YOU still stay like that worm of the old book? 

Shouldn’t there be something instrumental in bringing about a change in the preparation pattern as well?

That is when ADDA247, The No.1 Banking and SSC preparation app comes to your rescue!!!

As we know progress is impossible without change and moreover students need to keep up with the pace of Banking and SSC examinations, we provide you THE BEST Platform FOR YOUR GAIN. The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.

ADDA247 is the official Bankersadda’s and SSCadda’s app available for all on Google Play Store. If you are Banking or SSC aspirant, you surely would not want to miss out on any important notification and update regarding Banking and SSC exams, and on ADDA247 app you’ll instantly have latest updates and notifications delivered to you. Now you don’t have go through various search engines to get the study material. All you need is ADDA247 app for EVERYTHING related to Banking and SSC Exams.

ADDA247 is for both ENGLISH medium and HINDI medium students. You can get all the quizzes, study material, notes and articles, power capsules and Daily GK Update in HINDI as well.  ADDA247 is one stop solution of every Banking and SSC aspirant’s needs.

Once you install the app or update your version of ADDA247 from Google Play Store, while registering you’ll get an option to choose a language. There you can choose either English or Hindi.

Let’s discuss how YOU can BENEFIT from ADDA247?
☞ Gone are those days when you would need to go through search engines and newspaper for Banking and SSC recruitment updates. Do you want to know all the Banking and SSC recruitment notifications at the earliest? Well then on ADDA247 you’ll get all the notifications and updates so don’t miss out any. 
☞ On ADDA247 you can practice with various subject wise quizzes in both Hindi or English with real time assessment. You get the quizzes daily on latest syllabus and pattern. 
☞ Now while attempting a quiz you don’t have to wonder why any option is mark as correct answer. On ADDA247 not only you can attempt quizzes but also you’ll have detailed explanation of answer for all question, so that you can easily refer to the explanation if get struck on any answer.
☞ Every Banking and SSC aspirant knows how important it is to stay updated with daily Current Affairs and to do so students had to go through numerous magazines and newspapers. We save you now from that hassle, YES, on ADDA247 you can read DAILY GK UPDATE as it covers all the important news of the day.
☞ On ADDA247 you’ll have quick access to all Power Capsules under Study Material and you can access them in Hindi and in English both.
☞ You can study from Videos as well. Yes, to learn new tips and trick or brush up your concept you’ll have all videos on ADDA247 app. And you can watch them anytime you like.

And There's more...

 You can switch language anytime thereafter. Corresponding content panel will change for Hindi content.
 You'll get instruction just above the question itself in the app to make it easier for you to answer
 There is an added reattempt option.
There is also an option to report content.
 You can also add Magazines and Capsules to My Downloads
 You'll have the ability to Delete items in My Downloads

And all of this is accessible to YOU on ADDA247, ANYWHERE and ANYTIME you like. Yes, ADDA247 on your smartphone will be your smart choice to study smartly, where you’ll get everything on your fingertips. So don’t miss out on the ADDA247 experience.

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