Study Notes On English Grammar: PRONOUNS (RULES)

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In SSC CGL Tier-II Exam, Paper-II (English Section) consists 200 Qs (200 marks). And more than 50% questions are based on grammar directly or its applications. These Grammar rules will help you in BANK exams as well. 
We've decided to help you with Grammar. We'll cover all the important Grammar rules and tricky scenarios in the form of "STUDY NOTES on GRAMMAR". Today in this post we'll introduce PRONOUNIntroduction, Types. 


1. Since a personal pronoun works in place of a noun, the number, gender and person of the pronoun must be according to the noun only.
Ex.-         Ram has lost his books. (Not their)
She loves his husband. (Incorrect)
She loves her husband. (Correct)
2. When two or more singular nouns are joined by ‘AND’ the Pronoun for them always in the plural number.
Ex.- Mohan and Sohan have lost his books. (Incorrect)
Mohan and Sohan have lost their books. (Correct)


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