Study Notes On English Grammar: ADJECTIVE RULES

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In SSC CGL Tier-II Exam, Paper-II (English Section) consists 200 Qs (200 marks). And more than 50% questions are based on grammar directly or its applications. 
We've decided to help you with Grammar. We'll cover all the important Grammar rules and tricky scenarios in the form of "STUDY NOTES on GRAMMAR". Today in this post we'll introduce ADJECTIVES: ALL TRICKY SCENARIOS.

Rule-1 Adjective of quantity like much, LITTLE, ENOUGH, SUFFICIENT, WHOLE, etc. must be used with uncountable nouns only as they express quantity and not number. 
Ex.-Many (not much) boys are absent from the class today. 
Many (not much) boys failed in the examination. 
Rule-2 The use of ‘few’, ‘a few’ and ‘the few’ should be used with care they denote number. Few means ‘NOT MANY’.
Few has negative meaning 
A few means ‘SOME AT LEAST’ 
The few means ‘WHATEVER THERE IS’.

Ex. I read few books.
I Read a few books.
I Read the few books I had.
A few men are true from fault. (Incorrect)
Few men are true from fault. (Correct)
Rule-3 Use of little, a little, the little 
Little means ‘hardly any’ in quantity. 
Ex.-He had little money
There is little water in the bottle 
There is a little hope of his recovery (Incorrect)
There is little hope of his recovery (Correct)
A little means ‘Some’ in quantity if not much. 
Ex.-Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. (Incorrect)
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing 
He had a little money. 
There is a little water in the bottle. 
The little means ‘not much in quantity but all that is’. 

Ex.-I spent the little money I had. 
A little water that is in the bottle may be used for the patient. (Incorrect)
A little water that is in …………….. (Correct)
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