Banking Awareness for Bank Exams 2016 (Quiz)


Q1. The seed capital of Bhartiya Mahila Bank is-
(a) Rs. 2000 crore
(b) Rs. 1000 crore
(c) Rs. 4000 crore
(d) Rs. 3000 crore
(e) None of the above

Q2. The process by which a life insurance policyholder can transfer all rights, title and interest under a policy contract to a third person, is known as?
(a) Assignment of the policy
(b) Hypothecation of the policy
(c) Reinvestment of the policy
(d) Negotiation of the policy
(e) Nomination of the policy

Q3. Which of the following institutions is regarded as the ‘Lender of the Last Resort’ by Banks in India?
(a) State Bank of India
(b) The State Treasury
(c) Reserve Bank of India
(d) World Bank
(e) Department of Financial Service

Q4. A bank’s ‘fixed deposit’ is also referred to as a.....? 
(a) term deposit
(b) saving bank deposit
(c) current deposit
(d) demand deposit
(e) home savings deposit

Q5. To improve access of the poor to banking, the RBI has advised banks to open branches with minimum infrastructure supporting up to 8 to 10. Business Correspondents (BCs) at a reasonable distance of 3-4 km. Such branches are known as-
(a) nodal branches
(b) micro branches
(c) mini branches
(d) ultra small branches
(e) satellite branches

Q6. Which of the following services relate to execution of transactions directly with consumers, rather than corporations or other banks?
(a) Wholesale Banking Services
(b) Industrial Banking Services
(c) Investment Banking Services
(d) Corporate Banking Services
(e) Retail Banking Services

Q7. Banks’ mandatory lending to farmers for agriculture, micro and small enterprises and other weaker sections where in banks are required to lend up to 40% of the loans is generally described as? 
(a) Para banking
(b) Sub-prime lending
(c) Retail lending
(d) Non-priority sector lending
(e) Priority sector lending

Q8. Which of the following statements regarding the Direct Benefits Transfer Scheme (DBT) of the government of India is ‘not’ true?
(a) The scheme covers LPG subsidies, pension payment and scholarships
(b) Indirect transfers of benefits are more prone to leakage than direct transfers
(c) Under DBT, money is directly transferred into bank accounts of beneficiaries 
(d) The scheme was launched on January 1, 2013 to cover 20 districts initially
(e) The scheme is likely to increase the subsidy bill of the government

Q9. A money deposited at a bank that cannot be withdrawn for a preset fixed period of time is known as-
(a) Term Deposit
(b) Saving Bank Deposit
(c) Current Deposit
(d) Checking Account
(e) No Frills Account

Q10. A worldwide financial messaging network which exchanges messages between banks and financial institutions is known as
(c) NEFT
(d) SFMS

Q11. Which of the following ministries along with Planning Commission of India has decided to set up a Corpus Fund of Rs. 500 crore, so that Tribals in Naxal-hit areas can be provided proper means of livelihood?
(a) Ministry of Rural Development
(b) Ministry of Home Affairs
(c) Ministry of Tribal Affairs
(d) Ministry of Corporate Affairs
(e) Ministry of Finance

Q12. The term ‘Smart Money’ refers to 
(a) Foreign Currency
(b) Internet Banking
(c) US Dollars
(d) Travellers’ Cheques
(e) Credit Cards

Q13. Which one of the following is not a ‘Money Market Instrument’?
(a) Treasury Bills
(b) Commercial Paper
(c) Certificate of Deposit
(d) Equity Shares
(e) None of the above

Q14. Which one of the following is a retail banking product?
(a) Home loans
(b) Working capital finance
(c) Corporate term loans
(d) Infrastructure financing
(e) Export credit

Q15. In the summit of which of the following organizations/group of nations it was decided that all members should enforce Budget Discipline?
(a) G-8
(b) OPEC
(c) European Union
(e) G-20

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