Daily GK Update: 29th October, 2016 For All The Upcoming Exams

After Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh becomes India’s second open defecation free state
I. Himachal Pradesh was declared 'Open Defecation Free', becoming India's second state to get this
status after Sikkim.

II. The newly acquired status will entitle Himachal Pradesh to receive World Bank funding under Rs 9,000 crore project to sustain sanitation campaign.

India Wins Its First Ever International Medal in Roller Skating at Asian Championships
I. The team of Indian Roller Skaters claimed their first ever International medal in the sport. Vikram Ingale, Nikhilesh Tabhane and Dhanush Babu have won India’s first ever senior international roller
skating medal, by securing the bronze medal in the 3000m team relay event in Lishui, People's Republic of China.

Bangladesh introduces temporary ban on catching Hilsa Fish
I. Bangladesh has arrested more than 900 fishermen and deployed the army to patrol its waterways
after introducing a temporary ban on catching hilsa in an effort to save the hugely popular fish.

II. Some 60 percent of the world's hilsa are caught in Bangladesh, but indiscriminate fishing has depleted much of the stock, driving up prices and putting the fish beyond the reach of the poor.

Odisha Govt. comes up with a new scheme to provide legal assistance to deprived sections

I. The Odisha government has come up with a new scheme to provide legal assistance to the deprived sections of the society at the grassroots level in all its 6,812 gram panchayats across the state. 

II. The scheme named after great Odia lawyer, 'Madhubabu Aain Sahayata Sibir’ will offer legal services once a week. The advocate engaged for the legal assistance cell will be paid an amount of 500 rupees fee per sitting to provide free legal advice to the people. Government hopes the system would help in reducing number of litigations in the courts.

India ranks poorly in Commonwealth youth index 

I. India has ranked very poorly at 133 in a new Global Youth Development Index compiled by the
Commonwealth Secretariat on the countries' prospects for young people in employment, education, health, civic and political spheres.

II. India ranked 133rd in the index covering 183 nations, below neighbouring countries like Nepal (77), Bhutan (69) and Sri Lanka (31) and trailing behind the South Asian average. 

III. The top 10 countries on the index are largely from Europe - Germany (1), Denmark (2), Switzerland (4), United Kingdom (5), Netherlands (6), Austria (7), Luxembourg (8), Portugal (9) - with Australia (3) and Japan (10) as the two exceptions. 

IIID to conduct 'Design Yatra' in Kozhikode
I. India's first 'Design Yatra' will be conducted in Kerala's Kozhikode city between October 29-31, during which competitions, heritage walk, talks and interaction with students will be conducted. Launched by Institute of Indian Interior Designer in February this year, the yatra is aimed at spreading awareness and taking designs to the masses and is scheduled to travel to 29 Indian cities.

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