English Quiz For IBPS/BOM Exam 2016

Directions (1-10): In the following passage, there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

The traditional method of managing credit risk is (1) diversification. Although (2) credit risk through diversification is effective, institutions are often constrained by (3) of diversification (4) on account of limited area of (5). During the last few years, managing credit risk through selling assets by way of securitization has (6) in popularity. The market for securitized assets has grown (7) in the last few years and is expected to grow further in the (8) years. This mode of credit risk mitigation is most (9) to loans with standardized payment schedules and similar credit risk characteristics such as housing loans, auto loans, credit card receivables, etc. Further, shedding loans through securitization might (10) client relationship. In this context, credit derivatives provide a new technique for managing  credit risk.

(a) by 
(b) onto
(c) for
(d) at
(e) through

(a) watching
(b) mitigating
(c) taking
(d) affording
(e) seeing

(a) lack
(b) supply
(c) scarcity
(d) void
(e) want

(a) luck
(b) fortune
(c) activities
(d) opportunities
(e) chance

(a) place
(b) transaction
(c) operations
(d) dealing
(e) work

(a) gained 
(b) sold
(c) valued
(d) bought
(e) profited

(a) gigantic
(b) slowly
(c) slightly
(d) needlessly
(e) impressively

(a) yester
(b) futuristic
(c) golden
(d) coming
(e) past

(a) desired
(b) suited
(c) wanted
(d) suitable
(e) popular

(a) kill
(b) lynch
(c) damage
(d) promote
(e) burn

Directions (11-15): Rearrange the following six sentences (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph; then answer the questions given below them.

(A) We at Infoquicktech thus make sure that our clients receive the best and the quickest services in the field of I.T.
(B) Information Technology has transformed a lot in this decade and this metamorphosis is exceedingly quick.
(C) The user can now get the desired information in a fraction of a second.
(D) Our newer packages now perform in a far better way than our clients used to get in the past.
(E) Our search engines have been astoundingly powerful to process and fetch the required information to the user.
(F) These improvements perform a real magic, in the true sense of the term, to facilitate quicker access.

Q11. Which of the following will be the FIFTH sentence after rearrangement?
(a) A
(b) B
(c) C
(d) D
(e) E

Q12. Which of the following will be the SIXTH (LAST) sentence after rearrangement?
(a) A
(b) B
(c) C
(d) D
(e) E

Q13. Which of the following will be the FIRST sentence after rearrangement?
(a) A
(b) B
(c) C
(d) D
(e) E

Q14. Which of the following will be the SECOND sentence after rearrangement?
(a) A
(b) B
(c) C
(d) D
(e) E

Q15. Which of the following will be the FOURTH sentence after rearrangement?
(a) A
(b) B
(c) C
(d) D
(e) F

Answers will be updated soon.......

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