IBPS PO 2016 Call Letters Out, What Now?

Dear Readers,

IBPS has released last night, its Call Letter for Preliminary Examination of CWE of PO/MT VI. Its high time now, as the examination begins from 16th October, leaving all aspirants with just 15 days.

Are YOU prepared for the REAL FACE OFF? What should you do in these mere 15 Days to sow the seeds of success for yourself?

Stop at nothing, every move you make will be of decisive importance in making or breaking your dream.

You all are certainly preparing day in day out for IBPS PO, your gateway towards securing the job of Probationary Officer in Govt. Banking Sector, and just recently all aspirant have got their call letters for  Prelims Exam. This has made the timeline between you and the challenge more crisp and clear. As roughly there are mere 15 days, it is of uttermost importance to direct your energy and concentration with a proper plan to crack the exam.

Now it’s NO time for staying buried in books with pen, now is the time to act smart and convert your weaknesses to your strength. It is very important to understand how you can achieve that within these 15 days.

How can YOU Optimise the time you’re left with? These 15 days for IBPS PO Prelims

 Analyse your score, It’s just not about attempting a number of Test Series, understand the bigger picture and learn and analyse your results. Yes, if you are just giving one Test Series after another and not analysing your score then it will all go in vain. Do you spend time after the Test figuring out why have you scored 61 and not 62 or better? You certainly should. You have to be a smart learner. Figure out after each test that why you weren't able to solve a question correctly or why did you skipped onto a question? The main aim of Test Series is not just providing you with blind number of exam like tests but to help you analyse your weakness and where you lag so that, the next time when you give another test you’ll certainly improve.
 Practice Real Time, Yes this is very important. IBPS Examination is online so why not practice in the same mode? Many students face a common issue that, they've seen their scores are much better when they give a test offline as compared to an Online Test. Why is that so and what can students do to get over with this issue? The simplest way is Practice Real Time, i.e. Practice Online.
By practicing online with Test Series you will be able to get habitual with the Test's panel and you can give the test before facing the real examination itself which will boost your confidence. 
 Learn Time and Topic Management, Remember IBPS exam is not about, if you can solve the toughest puzzles or any question but it is all about choosing the right question for you and attempting it with accuracy within stipulated time. Yes you’ll just have an hour for 100 question and you have to make a smart choice there. You won't be even having at least a minute per question, and it clearly means you'll have to choose wisely. Don't panic if you're unable to solve a question, don't take on your ego, understand you necessarily do not have to solve each and every question.

Even if you are good at Quantitative Aptitude and you generally find quadratic equations easy but suppose while giving the exam you get struck at a question of that topic, wise decision would be to move onto the next question without wasting time.
 After each test analyse the solutions to find out how it is solved, don’t leave a question if you weren’t able to answer it right, and if you have answered it right then you might find a better way to solve it. So post Test Analysis is the KEY which can certainly improve your skills.
 In these 15 days make a plan for Reasoning, English and Quantitative Aptitude and practice well the section you are weaker at comparatively when compared with other sections. Remember you have to clear Sectional Cut off as well as a cut off for the Prelims exam as a whole. Strengthen your weaker section and choose wisely the questions when you’ll be giving the examination.

Now you have a plan... so get going...To reify dreams, you must stay confident and give your best... 

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