IBPS Special: Boost Of The Day For Tomorrow

Dear BA'ians,

It is back. So, lets boost up again for tomorrow.

We know you all are working hard day and night burning midnight oil towards your dreams. So, We have decided to give you some "Boost" while you burn your midnight oil. This "Boost" is mainly an inspirational quote, motivational story or an article which will help you get ready for tomorrow Morning again to give a fresh start and energy.

Lets go through one story and get an inspiration for tomorrow to rise with Sun and move on -

This is a story I heard from an Art of Living course!

So, there was a grandpa and a child walking in beach. Grandpa decides to take some private moments with himself and leaves the kid at the shore. After sometime he gets back to check on his grandson. He gets shocked to see what the kid was doing.

The kids was picking up tiny fishes and hurling them towards the ocean. Tiny fishes fall onto shore and die. This small kid was hurling them back towards the ocean, in am attempt to save their lives.

Baffled by the efforts of the kid, grandpa explains him, "Hey kid! You cannot save all of the fishes, they just keep falling out."

Now, the kid looks at his grandpa, picks another fish hurls it back to ocean and says "But I did save this fish".

Many a times, we give up doing benelovent actions, social activities assuming / stating, it makes no big difference. But it does make a big difference!

So, BA'ians!!
Efforts never go wasted.. Always keep up the work and your spirits high by being positive towards any approach, working for it

IBPS is here and many more will come, but take every opportunity as a challenge by puttingyour best efforts into that.

All the very best!!

Proud to be a BA'ian :)

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