Dear Friends,

After completing graduation in B Tech IT branch,  I was thinking months before i actually i started preparation but that leads me into a criticism of my friends family and relatives, People like to talk and they talk all the horrible things behind your back.According to them i couldn't get it done in IT so I am finding a easy way out, but that not the reason i was quite aware in my last months of graduation that this field is just not perfect for me, i can do better somewhere else but the confusion factor and influence just not allowing me.After some months of graduation i finally decided to prepare for banking  in October.

Scored 96 in IBPS PO V but done a big big blunder attempted para jumble ,spotting errors and almost 80% questions actually because i was in doubt i may score below sectional cutoff but after watching reviews i realized what have i done i shouldn't  and that turnout to be the problematic thing , scored only 7.5 marks only in English. I started preparing for English from next day and this time from more smartness rather than just attempting more , my next time was RBI GRADE B PHASE 1 which i managed to clear because of heavy GA marks and done enough well in eng and maths,Phase 2 was quite a good experience to be said but that was I m not focusing on that time really.

IBPS clerk was the next exam ,preparation were up to the mark somewhat and resuIt also suggested that got selected in Ibps clerk (Canara bank).IBPS SO IT just a bad thing to remember for me ,missing by some points
from final selection isn't a good feeling in fact it feels awful, but it did give me my banking interview i scored 60+ in interview and 120 in written. after that appeared in exams like LIC AAO , NABARD GRADE B failed in written in LIC and in the mains of NABARD. In the mean time i also started preparation for RBI grade B 2016

I guess their is nothing new in strategies but what i know i would like to share

ENGLISH: SP Bakshi, Norman lewis ,read newspaper the hindu is perfect,around 20+ words vocab,practice spotting errors fillers cloze test more and more from both online and offline sets. Para jumble i tends to avoid and will always do

Reasoning : RS Agrawal , M pandey for critical reasoning, BSC publication, actually you don't need any book if you can't have it reasoning is more about practice and you can get lot of material online of each topic.
Puzzles are now in fashion so much so keep practicing as much as you can but do mug easy topics those will save you in crucial time when your mind will not work.

Math: RS Agrawal for basics, M Tyra for short tricks and Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma, The main thing is math what everyone says practice,make your strong areas for more stronger that no matter questions are you can still get it done and improve your weak areas enough to at least you can have a chance to solve them.

GA: make your own handwritten notes topic wise and revise them daily, preferred websites Bankersadda and also keep along with static part and other things and arihant for banking awareness.

SBI clerk and PO notification came and that was the time when i joined BA actually i should say BA disqus i was visiting BA from way before because of their material which they provide for exams is quite good and i met some really good people here

Wanna be an officer : Awesome person,really helpful and very talented will achieve his dreams very soon
Harsha : this guy has some serious talent ,from london to india don't know how many places he actually have worked its quite commendable, a sure shot RBI Grade B officer.
Kanya : miss Lic AAO ,so simple and a good perosn
Ibps Dreamer : Anxious,pretty negative but their is nothing really wrong in that it is just the time , my advice to her be positive you are capable and you will be ibps po this year

and some people which i would like to thank Vidhi, Tony Stark sir , S chand sir, Pie R square for just sharing time your little with me :-)

Leading into SBI JA i was not even thinking about clearing about SBI PO. My target was JA mainly but since SBI JA pre i find my touch.i could just feel i'm doing well and actually I have enough to do well ,the one thing i need to do is to keep the confidence and work hard accordingly in the right direction and it turn out to be so,

before clearing SBI PO cleared RBI grade B phase 2 and now waiting for the interview hoping something more  better is in store for me.

All the best to all for ibps po :-)

Thanks BA for sharing
Regards Spirit

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