Strategy To Attempt All India Mock! Have You Attempted Yet???

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Well, just appearing for the mock won't help you determine whether you are in or out. All those who have appeared for the PO Pre Examination on 16th October and those who are yet to appear has to be vigilant and proactive to anticipate the safe score. Friends, the Mock we have prepared is exactly the same level IBPS has asked. You don't need to top the exam but to achieve a safe score to go to Mains. Pre is qualifying in nature and the habit of a student to attempt maximum sometimes compel him to make mistakes due to shear pressure. This is the reason we are saying that go for safe score instead of going for highest score.

When we look at all the three section, then it seems to be a fair exam including Average, Good and Excellent questions. This means that one can easily score safe marks with proper planning. You all must be wondering that what is the safe score that we are talking about. Well friends, safe score is nothing but an easy to achieve score that will make you jump the cut-off. Let's start talking about the sections, individually.

If we talk about the Quant Section, then we can say that 18-20 would be a fare attempts. These marks can easily be scored in the time span of 18-20 minutes. The topics that will fetch you easy marks in this section are: Approximation (5), Quadratic Equation (5), Number Series (5), Data Interpretation (10). And if you stretch a bit then it may go up to 22-23.

Now coming to the Reasoning Section, we can say that this time it remained Non-violent. Yes friends, for past few exams, it has been on of the toughest section but in pre, it remained an easy one. The topics that will fetch you easy marks in this section are: Inequalities (5), Syllogism (5), Direction Sense (3), Blood relation (3), Seating Arrangement (Linear arrangement facing North and South) (5), Ranking Puzzle (4). One can easily score 18-20 questions in 21-23 minutes but if you stretch, then it may rise up to 23-24.

Friends, till now you have scored approximately 42-44 marks which will help you clear the last year cut-off (37.25). Now you need to clear the English section with a nominal score to appear for Mains exam this year. In English, we told you that you have to play safe or you will be out. So in this section let's see how one can proceed in order to get a safe score. The topics that will fetch you easy marks in this section are: Error Detection (6-7), Para-Jumble (2), Cloze Test (3-4) and if you go for Reading Comprehension, then you may lose some marks from above sections as the time required for RC will be more. So in this section, the attempts may go up to 12-13

So if we add the over all performance of a candidate, then it will go up-to 55-57 and this is the exact prediction we have made during the first shift analysis. If you reach this score, then you have already crossed the safe score mark and you could immediately start preparing for the IBPS PO Mains Exam. One more thing we would like to say that don't compare your marks with the topper. You don't know how he topped but be truthful to yourself. We have added the poll on the left side where you can share your attempt in the Memory Based Mock.

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