What Could Be Your Strategy Now?

Hello Friends,

In this article, we will talk about those who are feeling low as the English section was tampered a little in PO Pre exam. Yesterday 4 shifts of IBPS PO Preliminary Exam 2016 got over and it left all the students stranded with a lot of questions in mind. Well, this time it was not Reasoning or Quant. This time the story was different just because of English Section. Rather than playing with the level much, IBPS decided to play with the composition of the section.

Before we proceed further, I would like to ask a few questions and want you to realize the answer. How much used to be your normal attempts in English Section? How much your attempts got affected due to this? When the time allotted for this section is least, then what could be the major imapct? Now realise the answers and start thinking.

Friends, we always anticipate Quant and Reasoning to get twisted. But this time, English was chosen to be the surprising one. With the omission of Antonyms/Synonyms and introduction of 5 more Error Detection Question can make you feel the essence of knowing Grammar. Yes friend, with the time allotted for this section by most of us, it is not feasible to attempt the Reading Comprehension and one can only save himself by attempting the Error questions. The questions are not tough, but the fear of getting it wrong makes it more complex.

So, how could we get it done and that too right?

Well, its totally absurd to go through whole Grammar section and that too in the short span. Well, you need to be selective on topics that were asked in he exam. Out of 10 Error questions, you can do 5-6 with just few chapters of Grammar. The topics are:
i) Subject-Verb Agreement
ii) Preposition
iii) Noun/Pronouns
iv) Conjunctions
v) Tenses

These topics will help you get through the Grammar portion that has been asked in the examination. Apart from these, Para Jumbled sentence is a decent one and one could easily attempt the First and Last sentence in the sequence. So we have arranged 8 questions that can be done easily. Now coming to the Cloze test, you can attempt 3-4 out of the 7 questions asked. And these attempts in cloze test will totally depend on your vocab ability. 
Let's see how you can approach the cloze test.

Cloze test is nothing but a paragraph of an article from the news papers. The first and foremost thing that one should observe is the 'THEME'. And to get the theme, you need to read 3-4 lines before you start opting for the words. Once you get the theme, then you would see that whether the theme is Positive or Negative or Sarcastic. 

Let's take an example where the passage talks about the "BREXIT". All the articles related to BREXIT will talk about Britain Leaving EU. Now, you can clearly see that theme is the separation of a country from group of countries. So, the blanks will have the words that will help Britain getting separated. In exam you will also find blanks, where words will fit attaching the Britain but that will be against the theme. So you need to be careful about it.

With all of this, you can easily attempt 11-13 Questions and that too accurately. This is it, you can move on to the next section. And if you can do more according to your strategy, then go for it.

All the Best For your Prelims Exam!!

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