Current Affairs for IBPS PO Exam 2016

Current Affairs for IBPS PO Exam 2016

Q1. Which city were felicitated for 'Clean Cities in million plus population category?
Answer: Chandigarh and Mysore 

Q2. Who has taken over as the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of state-run Power Finance Corporation (PFC) with immediate effect?
Answer: Rajeev Sharma

Q3. In which city technology giant Microsoft has launched its first full-scale Cybersecurity Engagement Center (CSEC)?
Answer: New Delhi

Q4. Name the Public Sector Banks of India, which has announced its entry into Myanmar by opening a branch in the capital city of Yangon, becoming the first domestic lender to do so?
Answer: State Bank of India

Q5. Who has won the 2016 Malaysian Grand Prix held at the Sepang International Circuit in Selangor, Malaysia?
Answer: Daniel Ricciardo

Q6. A new World Bank study on poverty and shared prosperity says that extreme poverty worldwide continues to fall despite the lethargic state of the global economy. World Bank target of ending extreme poverty by............?
Answer: 2030

Q7. At which place, the first edition of the BRICS Under-17 Football tournament has begun?
Answer: Goa, India

Q8. Who is the new CEO Of Reliance Nippon Life Insurance?
Answer:  Ashish Vohra

Q9. Dassault Aviation has entered into a partnership with Reliance group to execute offsets for the recently concluded deal for 36 Rafale fighter jets. Dassault Aviation is an international aircraft manufacturer of which country? 
Answer: France

Q10. The Union Cabinet gave its approval for the signing of MoU between India and ______ in the field of water resources.
Answer: European Union

Q11. Who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2016 for developing molecular machine?
Answer: Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Sir J Fraser Stoddart and Bernard L Feringa

Q12. Ranil Wickramasinghe is the present Prime Minister of Which country?
Answer: Sri Lanka

Q13. Name the Social networking site, which is collaborating with the Election Commission of India in five states which are going to polls next year?

Q14. The International Astronautical Federation's renowned space scientist _________ has been inducted into its Hall of Fame for his contribution to development of India's space technology. 
Answer:  UR Rao

Q15. Name the Ingian girl, Who has won the girls' U-16 title at the World Youth Chess Championship in Russia.
Answer: Aakanksha Hagawane

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