Current Affairs for IBPS PO Exam 2016

Current Affairs for IBPS PO Exam 2016

Q1. Minister of Railways inspected and flagged off the newly manufactured Guard Van of Goods (Freight) Train at Delhi Safdarjung Railway Station. Who is the present union Minister of Railways?
Answer: Suresh Prabhu

Q2. Which bank has introduced digital banking on its mobile app ‘Pockets’?
Answer: ICICI Bank

Q3. Which bank has appointed Parvez Ahmed as Chairman and CEO of the bank?
Answer: Jammu and Kashmir Bank

Q4. Which currency has saw a sudden collapse in intra-day trade, plunging over 6% to $1.1841 in two minutes, to hit a fresh 31-year-low in second week of October 2016?
Answer: Pound

Q5. India’s first centre for international arbitration has inaugurated in which city? 
Answer: Mumbai

Q6. Doordarshan, public service broadcaster and _________ have entered into an agreement for transmission of four Gyan Darshan educational channels. 
Answer: Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

Q7. Who have been awarded the 'Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel' for their contributions to contract theory? 
Answer: Oliver Hart (UK) and Bengt Holmstrom (Finland)

Q8. Name the American boxer, who has passed away recently?
Answer: Aaron Pryor

Q9. Who has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to Austria?
Answer: Renu Pall

Q10. Which country have agreed to intensify military and intelligence contacts after a meeting in Istanbul?
Answer: Russia and Turkey

Q11. Which state has decided to launch a scheme-'Lalima Abhiyan'- that will be effective from November 1, 2016?
Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Q12. Who has been appointed for another term as Prime Minister of Morocco?
Answer: Abdelilah Benkirane

Q13. The Arena by TransStadia in __________, venue of the ongoing Kabaddi World Cup, is India's first convertible stadium.
Answer: Ahmedabad

Q14. International Day for Disaster Reduction is observed annually on 13 October. This year (2016) theme is...........?
Answer: Live to Tell: Raising Awareness, Reducing Mortality

Q15. The CRA to deal with any short-term balance of payments pressures the grouping's member nations face of BRICS nations became operational recently. CRA stands for?
Answer: Contingent Reserve Arrangement

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