Winners are not the people who never fail, but People who Never Quit

Hello friends! 

The story of my success evidently began from my mediocre academic record, but as I completed my post graduation, I was selected as an Asst. Professor for HMV College, Jalandhar (Punjab), though campus placements served me with job opportunities in five MNC's; RedBull, HDFC Bank, Bharti AXA General Insurance, to name some; but owing to my fascination for government job, for both my parents are currently employed in public sector.

I never preferred to associate myself with the private sector. It was for some other reasons that I was keen to get employed in govt. sector, as you are entitled to a promising status and job security as well, and as is the dream of all to be employed in public sector for which persistant hard work and luck are requisite,I was no exception to it!

I began to prepare for govt exams following the completion of my post graduation but efforts for two consecutive years bore no fruits for me and my job as an Asst. Professor did not afford me enough time and energy that I could have otherwise dedicated to my preparation. So after two years, I chose to leave my job and channelize whole of my attention towards the govt. exams, still it was not the very foremost time that I had cracked the exam, for it took me atleast 3-4 attempts( RRB PO, RRB Clerical, Oriental Insurance, United India insurance) to have myself acquainted with the pattern of examination and the apt way to prepare. 

Though I had not been able to be through, but it was the time that called me to hold fast to patience and determination, and I prepared on even more vigorous note and finally cracked the IBPS PO and Clerical examination, which today makes me behold my success journey with a sigh of pride and content which makes me delighted to bring it to you all.

But this note would go futile if I do not extend my gratitude to Bankersadda as I kept myself updated through this website on a regular basis. My sincere thanks to my mentors who paved my way towards the right direction and keeping me inspired to work hard and grab the sought! How can I forget to gratify my family who believed in me and supported me all through my way.

"The trail to the crest trodden by one, leaves a mapped path for others to follow!"       

Pooja Gupta

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