Directions (1-15): In the following sentences Find out the error, if any.

Q1. In the absence of clear instructions one cannot be expected to be functioned effectively.  
(a) In the absence of 
(b) Clear instructions 
(c) One cannot be expected 
(d) To be functioned effectively
(e) No error 

Q2. They could have helped him had they approached by him for some help well in advance.
(a) They could have 
(b) Helped him 
(c) Had they approached by him 
(d) For some help well in advance
(e) No error 

Q3. He has in his possession a price collection of very old coins and some ancient paintings. 
(a) He has in 
(b) His possession a 
(c) Price collection of very old coins
(d) And some ancient paintings
(e) No error

Q4. Everyone is impress by his zeal and enthusiasm. 
(a) Everyone is 
(b) Impress by 
(c) His zeal
(d) And enthusiasm
(e) No error

Q5. The patient recover so fast that the expert doctors also were surprised. 
(a) The patient recover 
(b) So fast that 
(c) The expert doctors
(d) Also were surprised
(e) No error

Q6. The observers feel that the stronger team has to face defeat because the players don’t play whole hearted. 
(a) The observers feel that 
(b) The stronger team has to face defeat
(c) Because the players 
(d) Don’t play whole hearted 
(e) No error 

Q7. Every animal in the zoo is fed regularly and attended to very promptly. 
(a) Every animal in the zoo
(b) Is fed regularly 
(c) And attended to 
(d) Very promptly
(e) No error

Q8. How you eat is as important as what you eat. 
(a) How you eat 
(b) Is as important 
(c) As what 
(d) You eat
(e) No error

Q9. All his relatives expect his daughter have gone on a month’s vacation tour.  
(a) All his relatives
(b) Expect his daughter 
(c) Have gone on 
(d) A month’s vacation tour
(e) No error 
                                                                                                                                      Q10. All renew licences may be collected from the cashier’s counter after paying the fees. 
(a) All renew licences may 
(b) Be collected from 
(c) The cashier’s counter after 
(d) Paying the fees
(e) No error

Q11. It was most unfortunate that he died at the early age of 41.  
(a) It was most 
(b) Unfortunate that he 
(c) Died at the
(d) Early age of 41
(e) No error

Q12. Whether it is English or Hindi I am with home with both the languages. 
(a) Whether it is 
(b) English or Hindi I
(c) Am with home 
(d) with both the languages 
(e) No error

Q13. Although he is usually rude with everyone he behaved nice with all of us today. 
(a) Although he is usually 
(b) Rude with everyone 
(c) He behaved nice with 
(d) All of us today
(e) No error 

Q14. Anjali’s performance in the drama was best than Deepali’s but not as good as Vaishali’s. 
(a) Anjali’s performance in the 
(b) Drama was best than
(c) Deepali’s but not 
(d) As good as Vaishali’s
(e) No error

Q15. The firemen could not succeed in rescue the child although they could put out the fire. 
(a) The firemen could not 
(b) Succeed in rescue the 
(c) Child although they 
(d) Could put out the fire
(e) No error




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