Important Strategy for IBPS Clerk Mains 2016

IBPS Clerk Mains Examination is scheduled on 1st January 2017, and it is the much awaited exam now after the changes seen in RRB Office Assistant Mains, every aspirant is wondering how will be IBPS Clerk Mains 2016? 

2016 brought up some major changes in the trend of banking examination, started by SBI and then subsequently those changes were also seen in IBPS exams too. Even recently held IBPS RRB Office Assistant Mains 2016 examination had some major changes in the pattern which usually aspirants don’t expect in clerical level examination. This puts up a big question in aspirant’s mind what that should be their strategy for IBPS Clerk Mains 2016?

IBPS Clerk Mains Examination has five sections namely, English Language, Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, Computer Knowledge and General Awareness (with special reference to Banking) and every section has 40 questions each but with a varying marks division. The examination in total will have 200 questions for 200 marks and there is sectional time allotted to each section individually. All the tests except the test of English Language will be available bilingually, i.e. English and Hindi. Sectional timing in IBPS Clerk Mains is beneficial for candidates appearing in this exam as here they would only have to make strategy about topic management within the sections, they don’t have to worry much about time management.

Tips for Reasoning Test

Reasoning section can be the game changer of whole examination, and we’ve seen this very well in SBI and recent IBPS RRB Clerk Mains. It is a tricky section and if you do not have a proper plan for Reasoning you might get lost in it. In RRB Clerk Mains paper which was held on 18th December, reasoning section had 5 puzzles and seating arrangements, i.e. 25 questions out of 40 were of these two topics only. That was a big change observed because Puzzles and Seating Arrangement are of Moderate-Difficult level and in Clerical Level examination this huge number of puzzles were not expected. It clearly lays a benchmark of Clerical Examination and aspirants aiming at IBPS Clerk Mains 2016 should be well aware that can face a changed pattern too.

Reasoning section in IBPS Clerk Mains will have 40 questions that can fetch you 50 marks and there is time limit of 30 minutes. In this section if you brush up your skills in Blood Relation, Coding-Decoding and Inequalities you can easily score marks in these questions. Yes, you just need to understand their concept once and as their logic is much generalized, it is easy for a student to attempt questions of these topics. Along with them Alphabets and Ranking and Direction is also not that tough. A wise strategy would be to find these questions and then finish them first. Then comes machine Input-Output and syllogism. These topics are not very difficult but questions can be tricky.
Then there are questions from Logical Reasoning, Seating Arrangement and Puzzles, considered changing trend in examinations nothing can be said for sure and only practice can save you in questions from these topics. It will be best for you not to go in the exam center with a predetermined mind set. Number of questions can vary from your expectation, so be prepared for the unexpected. Almost every time a puzzle comes with 4-5 questions, and if you’re able to solve it correctly, you’ll get those 4-5 marks instantly. But don’t get too engrossed in these in the actual examination you’ll have other questions to attempt as well. If you feel they are too time consuming, a smart choice will be to skip them and invest your valuable time in other questions.

Tips for English Language Test

This section came as a surprise to many in IBPS PO and IBPS RRB Clerk Mains, so it sets an example that you have to adapt to work out of your comfort zone. In RRB Clerk Mains there were questions from Idioms and Phrases too and the Jumbled Paragraph questions were of new pattern where you’d have to select odd one out. Clearly these type of questions were not expected by students in Clerical level exam so be prepared for IBPS Clerk Mains. You can get all these questions on new pattern from and you can also download Adda247 app and practice with daily quizzes for IBPS Clerk Mains 2016.

English section will have 40 questions that can fetch you 40 marks, and you’ll be having time limit of 30 minutes. Firstly, you should choose to attempt questions of Cloze Test, Antonym/Synonym, Spellings and Fill in the blanks as they are relatively easier and far less time consuming than other topics. Be careful as there is negative marking, do not take chances in the examination as even 1 mark can make or break your dream. Then you can go for Sentence Improvement, Jumbled paragraph. They can be tricky as we’ve seen in RRB Clerk Mains examination, there were some major changes, so practice well and be prepared for the unexpected. The key is not to lose your calm and concentration. There are certain methods and tricks for these topics and by practicing well; you can easily get through these questions as well.  

Then you’ll be left with Reading Comprehension. As it is Clerical level examination, story based Reading Comprehension are expected. . The trick for Reading Comprehension can be, first quickly read the questions and then accordingly go through the passage, this can save your time. Yes, this step is very important, and while reading the questions do note down important points or keywords that you have to search in the passage. Remember it’s better to leave those questions that you find too much time consuming; be careful with your choices.

Tips for Quantitative Aptitude Test

This section will have 40 questions for 50 marks and with a sectional time of 30 minutes. Quant is all about practice and the more you are clear with the concepts the easier it will be for to you to score good. To learn and brush up your skills you can watch video lectures and sessions on Adda247 YouTube Channel. In this section Number series, Simplification & Approximation and Quadratic Equation/Inequality are generally of easy to moderate level. Yes, students, you need to keep hawk’s eye on questions from these topics as they will give that easy mark you’ll instantly. Then your approach should be to target questions of Data Interpretation. In each set of a DI there will be 5 questions among which 2-3 will be of easy to moderate level. With good practice you can easily score in Data Interpretation too. Attempt first that question you find relatively easy and not so lengthy.

After you are done with DI you can now focus on Word Problem. In Word Problems or Language Problems the topics are Percentage, Average, Ratio and Proportion, Partnership, Time & Work and Work & Wages, Pipes and Cisterns, Allegation or Mixtures, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Permutation and Combination, Probability, Mensuration and Data Sufficiency. The only strategy to tackle word problems is to go for those questions first you feel you are comfortable with. If you are good at Probability choose a question of probability first, and likewise go on.

Tips for General Awareness (with special reference to Banking) Test

G.A section is of 40 marks and you’ll be given 25 minutes which are quite sufficient but don’t be tempted to take chances by compromising your accuracy and marking wrong answers. To prepare general awareness you can follow the quizzes of bankersadda and their Power Capsule for G.A. General Awareness is expected to have questions from Current Affairs, Banking and Financial Awareness and Static Awareness. 

Tips for Computer Knowledge Test

This section will have 40 questions for 20 marks and you’ll be given 20 minutes for computer knowledge. Computer Knowledge is a section; in which if you’ve done the right preparation you easily score marks. In this section you should aim at scoring max.; so don’t take it lightly and be prepared for it. As it is clerical level examination questions from basic knowledge of computers are expected. You should focus on History and Generals on Computers along with basics of Computer Hardware and Software with Input- Output Devices. Questions from basic knowledge of Computer memory and Office Suit are also expected in Clerical Level Exam. You can watch Computer Sessions on Adda247 YouTube Channel to learn and practice with Computer quizzes on Adda247 mobile app. 

IBPS Clerk Mains will bring you one step closer of securing a job in govt. sector, the thing you’ve been aspiring for. So prepare well with the new and the old pattern. Do take out the print out of your admit card and reach the venue well ahead of time as IBPS is strict with its rules and regulations. 

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You don’t need to be extraordinary to reify you goal of landing a job in Banking Sector, you just need to realise how efficiently you can utilise time and resources available to you. 

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