English Questions for Indian Bank Prelims 2017

Directions(1-15): You will find incomplete sentences and for every sentence you will have five options to complete that sentence. Choose the phrase that best completes the sentence. 

Q1. I am reading a book these days that beautifully___________________ .
(a) described the Banyan Tree - The National tree of India  
(b) describe a Banyan Tree - The National tree of India  
(c) give a description of the Banyan Tree - The National tree of India 
(d) describes the Banyan Tree - The National tree of India 
(e) elaborated the Banyan Tree - The National tree of India

Q2. Under the reverse repo operation, the RBI borrows money from the banks,
___________________ . 
(a) draining liquidity on from the system 
(b) drains liquidity out of the system 
(c) so as the liquidity is drained off the system 
(d) draining the liquidity amidst the system 
(e) to draining the liquidity of the system

Q3. By 2009, less than half of the passenger car production by the largest six Japanese producers___________in Japan. 
(a) was undertaken  
(b) had been operated 
(c) were pursued 
(d) was executed 
(e) had took

Q4. Over 90 per cent of coal is ___________ the electricity sector.  
(a) won by 
(b) earmarked by 
(c) consumed by 
(d) retained on 
(e) made by

Q5. The doctor advised him to include mango in his diet,___________ of Vitamins A, C and D. 
(a) that is adequate 
(b) that provide him 
(c) which is richly supplied 
(d) which is a rich source 
(e) abundant at

Q6. At a very young age, he___________ as a mining engineer.  
(a) activated his life 
(b) arrived at his destiny 
(c) began his career 
(d) train himself  
(e) made himself

Q7. Money___________ consists of coins, paper money and bank deposits that can be withdrawn.  
(a) as an advance 
(b) as it implies 
(c) as a means of salary 
(d) as a means of payment 
(e) as in advance

Q8. In an effort to bring the problem under control, the Indian Government has recently___________ for prevention of pollution of the Ganges. 
(a) disciplined a way out 
(b) supervised an act 
(c) dominate the action 
(d) drawn up an action plan 
(e) disciplined at way out

Q9. The company is ranked as the world’s fourth largest two-and three-wheeler manufacturer and is a brand well known___________.  
(a) across several countries in the world 
(b) positioned among the various countries 
(c) acceptable over the globe 
(d) working around the world
(e) among several countries

Q10. A good transport system performing in logistic activities brings benefits not only to service quality___________ . 
(a) alone to company’s competition 
(b) but also to the competitive company 
(c) and also to company competitiveness 
(d) but also to company’s competitiveness 
(e) at only to the competitive company

Q11. Fast-food restaurants have become popular because many working people want___________. 
(a) to eat quickly and cheaply 
(b) eating quickly and cheaply 
(c) eat quickly and cheaply 
(d) the eat quickly and cheaply 
(e) eat all quickly and cheaply

Q12. Thirty-eight national sites are known as parks, another eighty-two as monuments and ___________.  
(a) the another one hundred seventy-eight as historical sites 
(b) the other one hundred seventy-eight as historical sites 
(c) seventy-eight plus one hundred more as historical sites 
(d) as historical sites one hundred seventy-eight
(e) the other seventy-eight plus one hundred as historical sites

Q13. A telephone recording tells callers,___________.
(a) what time the movie starts 
(b) what time starts the movie 
(c) what time does the movie starts 
(d) the movie start what time 
(e) on what time starts the movie

Q14. To answer accurately is more important than___________. 
(a) a quick finish 
(b) finishing quickly 
(c) to finish quickly  
(d) you finish quickly 
(e) that you finish quickly

Q15. Having been selected to represent the Association of Indian Managers at the International Convention, _______________________. 
(a) the members applauded him    
(b) he gave a short acceptance speech 
(c) a speech had to be given by him 
(d) the members congratulated him 
(e) members applauded on a short acceptance speech

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