English Questions for NIACL Mains 2016

Directions(1-5): Each question below has some blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Find out which option can be used to fill up the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make it meaning complete. (Source: The Hindu)

Q1. Fast moving consumer goods companies ________ a slowdown in spending as consumers turned ________  in November due to a cash ________ following the Centre’s demonetisation move.

(a) harnessed, precocious, flow
(b) witnessed, cautious, crunch
(c) challenged, novice, deposit
(d)plunged, carefree, munch
(e) felt, horrid, pose

Q2. If power and position were all that ________, SP supremo might have been able to more evenly distribute the ________  of office and quickly end the crisis ________ his party.
(a) caters, work, engaging
(b) matter, issue, loathed
(c) shatter, causes, demeaning
(d) mattered, loaves, engulfing
(e) serious, issues, managing

Q3. Mr. Obama’s________ will have long-term ________  for U.S.-Russia ties. The rising tensions have ________  fears of a new Cold War.
(a) policy, implications, reignited
(b)policies, diction, regained
(c) agenda, jurisdiction, resolved
(d) attitude, effect, engaged
(e) simplicity, ties, rejoiced

Q4. There is a  ________ of interests for Turkey and Russia in finding a peaceful solution. Having seen the U.S. ________  in Iraq and Afghanistan, Russia doesn’t want to get  ________  in Syria.
(a) happening, agenda, involved
(b) compulsion, manifestation, indulged
(c) convergence, interventions, stuck
(d) moderation, agenda, struck
(e) showbiz, people, struck

Q5. It is not surprising that Ms. Sasikala lacks popular ________  . Over the last two decades, her ________   over the party and State politics has been carefully and almost wholly ________   from the backroom.
(a) interest, subject, evacuated
(b)belief, issues, interspersed
(c) content, hold, rectified
(d) hold, interest, into
(e) appeal, influence, orchestrated

Directions (6-15): In the following passage, there are blanks each of which has been numbered. For each blank five words have been suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

If the State is serious about …(6)… in consumption of unhealthy food, then there are several …(7)…it should quickly adopt. The first is to set a …(8)… limit for fat and/or calorie and tax all foods items that are above this limit. …(9)… sugar-sweetened drinks and refined products under the taxable product list should be a priority. There is no …(10)… why packaged food items that have high salt content should not be additionally taxed. Indians are …(11)… to consume a few times more than the World Health Organisation’s recommended limit of 5 grams a day and most of it comes …(12)… packaged food items. Similarly, what excuse can there be …(13)… not charging a very high rate of tax on food items that contain trans fats? There are a number of food items sold in India that contain as high as 35-40 per cent of trans fats. Trans fatty acids, made through the process of hydrogenation of oils, which improves the stability or shelf life of the foodstuff that contains them, …(14)… serious coronary risks. Taxing ‘bad’ foods should …(15)… accompanied by cross-subsidies of healthy and wholegrain food items.
(Reference- The Hindu)

(a) reining
(b) raining
(c) rolling
(d) relaying
(e) reigning

(a) method
(b) mergers
(c) meager
(d) measure
(e) measures

(a) held
(b) mound
(c) gigantic
(d) threshold
(e) miniature

(a) Bestowing
(b) Blending
(c) Bringing
(d) Bring
(e) Brought

(a) reason
(b) season
(c) allegation
(d) suggestion
(e) goal

(a) known
(b) see
(c) there
(d) keen
(e) assume

(a) on
(b) from
(c) in
(d) onto
(e) at

(a) on
(b) along
(c) among
(d) with
(e) for

(a) produced
(b) get
(c) pose
(d) paused
(e) paved

(a) be
(b) will
(c) in
(d) belong
(e) could

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