Fillers Questions for Indian Bank Prelims 2017

Directions(1-15): Each question below has some blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Find out which option can be used to fill up the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete. 

Q1. When Raju heard the news of his selection to the college team he felt __________.    
(a) effervescent  
(b) enamoured 
(c) elated 
(d) embittered 
(e) exasperated

Q2. A son who is unable to look his father in the face is __________.  
(a) timid 
(b) guilty 
(c) arrogant 
(d) sincere
(e) casual

Q3. He said that there was no going back because his decision was __________.  
(a) peremptory 
(b) premeditated 
(c) parsimonious 
(d) palatable 
(e) preemptive

Q4. Progress in government, science, art, literature, philosophy and religion __________ great civilisations from mere groups of communities.   
(a) extol 
(b) describe 
(c) distinguish 
(d) relinquish 
(e) associative

Q5. Since there was adequate grazing area for the herds, the land was __________ populated.  
(a) disproportionately 
(b) sparsely 
(c) inadequately 
(d) rustically 
(e) frantically

Q6. Charles Lamb’s prose is richly __________ with literary ornaments like similes, metaphors, alliterations, transferred epithets etc. 
(a) embalmed 
(b) saturated 
(c) embellished 
(d) embroidered 
(e) embroiled 

Q7. These were reduced to skeletons for they had long been __________ for food.  
(a) impinging 
(b) snarling 
(c) craving 
(d) longing 
(e) famishing 

Q8. Even more than beauty, youth attracts me and with __________ appeal. 
(a) an ineluctable 
(b) an irresistible 
(c) an incomprehensible 
(d) an delectable 
(e)a sententious 

Q9.  It was through Second World War that Russia __________ herself increased __________ in power and wealth and prestige. 
(a) saw, abundantly 
(b) noticed, gullibly 
(c) witnessed, prodigiously
(d) see, adequately
(e) know, scarcely
Q10. Sometimes it is necessary for an author to know that is going on the minds of his characters. This is called __________. 
(a) omnipresence 
(b) omniscience 
(c) omnipotence 
(d) truculence 
(e) introversion 

Q11. The speaker painted a __________ picture of hunger in parts of India.  
(a) chimerical 
(b) passionate 
(c) parsimonious 
(d) poignant 
(e) optimistic

Q12. Some parents make their commands so __________ that they antagonise their children.  
(a) perfunctory 
(b) peremptory 
(c) acrimonious 
(d) spasmodic 
(e) sporadic 

Q13. Discontented wives, dejected lovers, frustrated politicians all these tend to be __________. 
(a) specious 
(b) abstemious 
(c) euphemistic 
(d) persiflage 
(e) querulous 

Q14. __________ is person who dabbles in art and letters.  
(a) dilettante 
(b) connoisseur 
(c) philistine 
(d) chauvinist 
(e) epicurean 

Q15. The assassination of the Archduke was followed by __________ throughout the whole European continent. 
(a) repercussions 
(b) concatenations 
(c) reprisals 
(d) consternations 
(e) enervations 

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