Fillers Questions for NIACL Mains 2016

Directions(1-15): Each question below has one/two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Find out which option can be used to fill up the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make it meaning complete.

Q1. Idleness squanders what _________ in a previous generation has won.    
(a) laziness 
(b) indolence 
(c) resourcefulness 
(d) industry 
(e) work 

Q2. That charming girl was the _________ of all eyes.  
(a) target 
(b) aim 
(c) cynosure 
(d) doggerel 
(e) ambition 

Q3. Any political leader who allows nepotism to flourish should be subject, to _________. 
(a) autopsy 
(b) stringency 
(c) stricture 
(d) punishment 
(e) condemnation 

Q4. His attitude to his boss was _________ and caused a good deal of repulsion.
(a) refulgent 
(b) arrogant 
(c) hybrid 
(d) sycophantic 
(e) aggressive 

Q5. His _________ way of life seemed inconsistent with his professions of virtue.  
(a) equable 
(b) tremulous 
(c) squeamish 
(d) compromising 
(e) dissolute 

Q6. The influence of the environment on man is revealed by an _________ study.  
(a) anthropological 
(b) ecological 
(c) epigraphic 
(d) numismatic 
(e) ecumenical 

Q7. She had a terrible night caused by an _________ during her sleep.  
(a) incubus 
(b) debility 
(c) obsession 
(d) delusion 
(e) hypochondria 

Q8. The admiration some leaders earn is _________ by their _________ instinct for hitting the frontlines in newspapers.
(a) developed, uncanny
(b) generated, feeble
(c) engendered, unerring
(d) evolved, aggressive
(e) conceded, provocative

Q9. India for the present, is deeply _________ in economic difficulties, but the Government has taken a pledge to set everything right within five years.  
(a) saturated 
(b) engrossed 
(c) swamped 
(d) vexed 
(e) ruined 
Q10. Knowledge is like a deep well fed by _________ springs, and you mind is the little bucket that you drop in it.  
(a) immortal 
(b) inexhaustible 
(c) eternal 
(d) perennial 
(e) sterling 

Q11. True health and true success go together for they are inseparably _________ in the thought realm.  
(a) tied up 
(b) bound up 
(c) intertwined 
(d) interrelated 
(e) interspersed 

Q12. I do not think you will gain anything by insulting and _________ the man you do not agree with.  
(a) defaming 
(b) depicting 
(c) charging 
(d) revamping 
(e) enervating 

 Q13. The Indian _________ have discovered a way to boost the yield per acre of different _________ of wheat.  
(a) agronomists, varieties 
(b) economists, kinds 
(c) anthropologists, sorts 
(d) phrenologists, layers 
(e) agroanalysts, vistas 

Q14. The opposition parties allege that prices of essential commodities are _________ like a runaway balloon.  
(a) flying 
(b) reviving 
(c) leaping 
(d) soaring  
(e) shooting 

Q15. With the realization, we have found our-selves left with ____________ moral values and little ethical ___________.
(a) extreme, judgment
(b) fundamental, scruples
(c) incidental, standards
(d) obsolete, direction
(e) stereotyped, perspective


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