Last Minute Tips For IPPB PO Mains 2016

The time for IPPB PO Mains Exam has come. Tomorrow is the IPPB PO Mains and the moment when your hard work and dedication will bear fruit. This article is related to the last minute tips which will help you ease things out. Within 24 hours, the fate of many candidates will get locked down.  

You must be really careful with the choice of questions you attempt as each mark can make or break your goal of securing a job in the Bank. And don't panic if you encounter a tough question, just maintain you calm and concentration.

We’ve observed in the recent exams that the tough questions make many students trip. This simply means that many students get panicked on getting difficult questions. The patience plays a key role in dealing with such situation. So while attempting the exam your choices of questions attempted and your accuracy will matter a lot.
And be patient and if you feel that you are unable to get the answer to the questions then move on because in the end, accuracy of your attempts matters more than high number of attempts.

You must be careful of negative marking. Do not take chances while attempting questions because if you do not maintain accuracy, then your high number of attempts might go in vain. Do read the instructions. First read the questions carefully than work on the answer, as sometime we skip the rules of questions like - in questions examiner is asking for 'not follow' but we go with 'follows' option as we have done practice with 'follow' option. And also do go through the Memory Based Paper of IBPS PO Mains 2016 as it can help you a lot in understanding the pattern and type of questions that you'll encounter tomorrow.

These are some general instruction which you MUST follow, you don’t really want to be stressed tomorrow on The Day of Examination.
Take out the print copy of your Admission Letter today itself, don’t wait for the last moment.
Do read the general instructions written on the Admission Letter carefully.
Take your current ID proof along with its photocopy and paste your recent photograph.
While attempting the question do invest some time in reading the instruction/directions carefully. That smart investment of time can really save you from losing a mark, which you could have easily gained.
Be aware while marking your answers for review. If an answer is selected for a question that is Marked for Review, the answer will be considered in the final evaluation.
Reach the venue of examination well ahead of time. Don’t wait for the last moment do reach your venue a little early. 
Stay calm and be confident while attempting questions don’t get struck on any question for too long, maintaining your calm will help you analyse the questions better.
You must be careful of negative marking. Do not take chances while attempting questions because if you do not maintain accuracy, then your high number of attempts might go in vain.

Students we wish you luck for tomorrow’s examination. And if you are feeling worried about it just remember there comes a time in every student's life when those things that you dread begin to loom on the horizon.

To reify dreams, you must stay confident and give your best in the real test.

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