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Dear Students, As we've all seen the drastic change in the pattern of Questions asked in English Section, Gone are the days when we used to predict types and no. of questions asked in the clerk and PO exam..but now every single day Questions are changing. IBPS is surprising all of us by asking CAT Exam pattern Questions. 
So now we've decided to help and guide all of you to Sail through these unpredictable Bank Exams.
Every day,  we'll provide Quizzes based on the new pattern and some other new type of Questions that also might be asked in the upcoming exams. The best thing you can do is to be well prepared and familiar with all possible type of questions. We'll also post the tricks and approach to nail unexpected pattern questions.

Directions (1-15): In each question below, the word at the top of the question is used in four different ways. Choose the option in which the usage of the word is INCORRECT or INAPPROPRIATE.

(a) The writer complained that the credit at the end of the film did not mention his name.
(b) A long term credit has more to do with trust than with greed.
(c) He is such a noble character that he never takes any credit for his kindly acts.
(d) The boss’s assistant was quite willing to accept undeserved credit for the deal’s success.
(e) None of the above is correct.

(a) The stores in this town close around 9 p.m. every day.
(b) The ship was closing with the island.
(c) In the final moments of the race she closed the distance to the lead racer.
(d) The nation closed the door to immigrants.
(e) None of the above is correct.

(a) The sun’s heat forced the hikers to move into the shade.
(b) He believes an MBA would help him in moving on the executive ladder.
(c) One cannot be too rigid in one’s views; must learn to move with the times.
(d) She was deeply moved by his acts of kindness.
(e) None of the above is correct.

(a) He decided to marry his daughter to his business partner’s son.
(b) Her parents agreed to marry her with the man of her choice.
(c) The girl got married into a prominent family.
(d) The priest will marry the boy and the girl in a proper ceremony.
(e) None of the above is correct.

(a) They all hoped that at the end of all their struggles justice would prevail.
(b) The winds that prevail in the mountains are believed to be good for health.
(c) His courage and strength helped him prevail upon the enemy with ease.
(d) Can I prevail on you to stay for dinner?
(e) None of the above is correct.

(a) The legislature has the duty to effect the will of the citizens.
(b) The family has tried hard to effect a settlement of the property dispute among its members.
(c) He had issued a statement to the effect that he would resign from the post.
(d) Though he was deeply hurt, he effected an indifference as long as he was there.
(e) None of the above is correct.

(a) “You appear sad and depressed. What has come on you?”
(b) All his efforts to win her love came a cropper.
(c) Word has come down that the strike is over.
(d) When she heard the news of her sister’s death she fainted and took hours to come to.
(e) None of the above is correct.

(a) He has been trying hard to get a position in a brokerage firm.
(b) The speech was meant to make his position clear on the issue of alleged misconduct.
(c) The audience rose to a standing position when the chief guest entered the room.
(d) Nobody seems to be at a position to decide on this matter.
(e) None of the above is correct.

(a) A crowd gathered about the man who had slipped and fallen.
(b) The store was the other way about my house on the same street.
(c) Though young, there was a mature wisdom about him.
(d) We are not about to negotiate with terrorists.
(e) None of the above is correct.

(a) Though appealing to many the theory was difficult to put to practice.
(b) The teacher carefully practised his students in handwriting.
(c) The company engages in unethical business practices.
(d) He is a practiced lawyer.
(e) None of the above is correct.

(a) The schedule allows 10 minutes for a coffee break.
(b) Please allow two inches in the fabric for shrinkage.
(c) In calculating profit, one must allow breakage and spoilage.
(d) He was allowed only one visitor in the hospital owing to his critical condition.
(e) None of the above is correct.

(a) There is no question about the validity of the story the he has told us.
(b) She told him that marriage was out of question.
(c) It’s only a question of time until they agree to our proposal.
(d) He questioned her right to use the money.
(e) None of the above is correct.

(a) The committee is expected to deal with this matter next week.
(b) He has amassed all his wealth by dealing with cocaine.
(c) This book deals with common errors in English.
(d) In this office, she deals with all the enquiries.
(e) None of the above is correct.

Q14. ADD
(a) The witness’s testimony simply did not add up.
(b) He explained the matter and added that he was sorry.
(c) Her illness added to his worries.
(d) He added the figures and said the amount did not suffice.
(e) None of the above is correct.

(a) The rock musician exploited the young crowd to frenzy.
(b) The hotel owners are exploiting the beaches to lure customers.
(c) It is clear that the company is exploiting its clients’ emotions.
(d) The environmentalist lobby exploited the nuclear plant accident.
(e) None of the above is correct.

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